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  1. 8bitprincess

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    So, I know we have an ugly tattoo thread, so I figured we need a yay tattoo thread.

    Actually, I mostly had a question regarding tattoos, as my virgin skin is yet to be graced with one, but didn't want to make a tattoo thread exclusive for my question because it would probably die before it even hit two pages and be a total waste of everyone's time... So, consider this a thread where anyone can post pictures of amazeballs tattoos that they like, designs that they want, show off tattoos that they have... Generally any kind of positive (as in not snarking on ugly tattoos since there is already a thread for that) tattoo porn/discussion.

    Anyway, here is my question... Hopefully I can get some opinions, and then everyone can carry on with love of tattoo discussion:

    I've done a lot of laser in the past (back, arms, face...). Some areas took well, such as my back and upper arms, and others not as much, namely my face and lower arms. This was a few years ago... Recently I've started going to a new place to do work on my face and lower arms. It is a trillion times more painful than anything I remember. I wanted to go on and do legs and my bikini area, but the unimaginable pain has me reconsidering.

    With all that said, I'm one of those people who already has in their mind a long list of tattoos that they want to get. Now that I'm out of my parents house, I can finally start getting tattooed and was hoping to get my first in a few months. Thing is, after my fourth inexplicably painful laser hair removal treatment, I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle the pain of tattoos. I know everyone handles pain differently, but when a person is comparing hair removal versus tattoo pain against themselves, they'll surely be able to identify which hurt more for them.

    Any of you chickens gotten laser hair removal AND a tattoo and can give your opinion of which hurt more out of the two?
  2. Aw Pigley

    Aw Pigley Chicken

    My first (and only so far) tattoo I got on my ribs. It's two lines of script going sideways from my bra strap to my hip. That was my FIRST one! It was pretty painful, especially at the ribs, not so much the fatty hip part, but I want another one!!

    The pain wasn't so bad that I wanted to cry or anything. It kind of makes you sit there thinking "ow, can you stop! what the hell??" just like you're being scratched with a needle.

    I want another on my wrist...:)
  3. android

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    Well, I've never had laser hair removal but I do have a bunch of tattoos (including a half sleeve that took 15~ hours) so I feel like I can accurately say which part of tattoos hurt the most.

    Anyway- getting tattooed over bone (rib cage, etc) will be way more painful than somewhere more cushy (upper arm, butt cheek, etc)

    I have two upper arm tattoos, a wrist tattoo, and one on top of my foot, and what hurt the most BY FAR was the part of my half sleeve that's closest to my armpit (apparently there are a shit-ton of nerve endings there)
    For the most part, getting tattooed hurts a little bit, but it's totally bearable and you're high on adrenaline the whole time and chatting with the artist, and I found the vibrations from the tattoo machine to be more distracting than the pain. To me, the pain felt more like a cat scratch, and line work hurts more than shading (they have to press harder for line work)

    If you're having a long session (my longest was a little more than 4 hours) you just get kind of bored after a while and the pain is just sort of annoying but really not a big deal.

    Sorry for the wall of text!

    Edit: in terms of pain I've consistently found that getting a Brazilian wax hurts soooooo much more than getting tattooed but ymmv.
  4. Pickles

    Pickles Chicken

    I have two, one on my hip and one right under my collar bone. The one on my chest hurt worse but like android said, it doesn't feel like a massage but it's not unbearable.
  5. Badger87

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    No laser hair removal but, I do have four tattoos. The one on top of my foot hurt the most, but not to the point where I would never consider another tattoo. The pain is kind of addicting! I hate needles (getting a shot is like world ending in my book but, tattoo needles are no problem). I have some ideas to add onto what I already have but, Z absolutely hates tattoos so it's a touchy subject at our house.
  6. 8bitprincess

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    Thanks for all of your opinions! I guess it is all very tough to gauge that pain. I mean, I don't consider myself to have a low pain threshold by any means -- I've gotten numerous piercings in various parts of my body, including microdermals which were particularly painful and required a dermal punch. Ouch. Yet laser hair removal has been making my cry lately. I remember crying when I did laser on my back along my spine, but otherwise I kept it together. Recently, however, my face has been almost unbearable, and my underarms has been out of this world, OMFG kill me now bawling until it was over sort of pain. So its so hard to tell whether I'd be able to hack it...
  7. ToePick

    ToePick Chicken

    Underarms are going to hurt because they're a sensitive part of the body. I'll reiterate what Droid said about the inside of the upper arm hurting the most. I don't have one there but S is pretty tatted out all over and also has a half sleeve on one arm. He said that area of his arm hurt the worst out of them all. I have one that goes from the front of my hip down to the top of my thigh. The thigh part doesn't hurt at all, but going over the hip bone feels like I'm having my special place tattooed and that shit hurts.

    Moral of the story, you can handle it! Just take into consideration what part of the body you want to get tattooed. What do you want to get? You said you had a list. Share!
  8. Aw Pigley

    Aw Pigley Chicken

    Droid, how was the wrist tattoo? I'm planning on one, I have a rib tattoo, but I have no idea what the pain threshold is like for wrists
  9. android

    android Founding Messiah

    It was my first tattoo so I was extra scared but honestly it didn't hurt that much. It's text written in cursive so the artist had to press hard for the line work, but it took less than an hour and wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting. Totally manageable, and the anticipation was so much worse than the reality.

    Edit: my wrists are bony as hell too
  10. Aw Pigley

    Aw Pigley Chicken

    Awesome! I plan on getting cursive writing as well! Yay!
  11. bluevalentine

    bluevalentine Statler or Waldorf

    I haven't tried laser hair removal, but I am a wimp when it comes to pain of any sort and I found getting tattooed (lower back, side of ribcage) bearable. It hurt kind of like being scratched hard with a dull knife, but the worst part for me was trying not to breathe unevenly during my rib tattoo. It's large cursive script, so the artist needed me to be very still to do the long, sweeping lines.

    I'm going to start the process of getting a tattoo removed this winter, and I'm much more afraid of the pain from that. :sad:
  12. Aw Pigley

    Aw Pigley Chicken

    I'm super psyched to see some pictures ya'll...go! Mine's just script so it's boring to everyone else haha
  13. virgo

    virgo Chicken

    I'm not posting a pic of mine. It's so faded and the lines have blurred. I need to get it retouched but just haven't done it yet. It's just a small butterfly on the back of my left shoulder. It hurt getting it but it was bearable.
    I googled butterfly tattoos to see if there's one similar to mine and found this:
    That is not similar to mine but I couldn't not share it.
  14. bluevalentine

    bluevalentine Statler or Waldorf

    Hahahaha good find. I'm not posting mine either. Internet anonymity and all that... I'm also not happy about the one that is getting removed so don't want to show it.
  15. virgo

    virgo Chicken

    Have you guys seen the 3D tattoos? I think I kinda want one.

  16. 8bitprincess

    8bitprincess FKA MissTentacles

    Well, since you asked, here is the current list. Lol, its always growing! Gets updated/changed every once and a while. I've always wanted tattoos since I was a pre-teen, so the list has undergone a lot of changes, but hasn't changed too much (just additions mostly) in the last couple years, so I maybe ready to finally commit to something.

    - New school style Alice in Wonderland ¾ sleeve
    - Super Mario ½ sleeve
    - Tetris piece on my wrist
    - Song lyric along the upper part of my back from sort of lower neck area to shoulder
    - Black widow spider, placement unsure
    - Deathly Hallows symbol, placement unsure
    - Old school flash style Star Wars piece on my thigh
    - Zombie pinup/zombie Little Mermaid… Unsure of both placement and exact idea. This may or may not morph into a large twisted Disney themed piece.
    - Something food/candy/baking related. Idea not fully formed.
    - Pokemon collage on my thigh

    ETA: OH! And I also really want a piece which I really have no idea what it will be or look like -- sounds weird, I know -- but J recently introduced me to a new-ish tattoo style that has come out of Germany called trash polka. That shit is insane; so damn cool... I want to find a good artist who can jazz me up something really cool in that style. Here is an example of a trash polka tattoo:

  17. NerdLady

    NerdLady Chicken

    I have 8 tattoos in various locations and for me, the worst part of any of them is healing. They itch like crazy. I'll share a few of mine.

    This one is across my upper back. I haven't added any other color to it yet, but one day.

    This one is on my left foot (I tried to crop out most of my foot, but it's big). I also need to have this one colored in but haven't had the time.

    This one is on my left foot as well. It looks pretty shitty now. The location makes it super easy to fade. I've had it touched up twice already.
  18. snarktopus

    snarktopus Chicken

    I have 9 tattoos, most of which were bad decisions and look like shit:
    - Star Wars characters from i harth darth on my feet (these probably hurt the worst)
    - scorpion on my left hip (front)
    - Le Petit Prince art mid back

    Likely having covered eventually:
    - Kokopelli between my shoulder blades
    - sleeping elf on my lower back (left)
    - star with kanji on my lower back (middle)
    - "side by side" in Sindarin (Elvish, Lord of the Rings) on my lower back (middle; I don't want this covered, but it looks like shit)
    - lady with lotus on my lower back (right)

    What I'd like:
    - bunch of flowers
    - "life feathers"
    - Deathly Hallows symbol
  19. Janet Snakehole

    Janet Snakehole Chicken

    I have been tattooed 4 times but technically I only have 3 tattoos because I had one of them incorporated into one big piece. Everyone else already covered the pain aspect really well so I don't have much to add. The outline is absolutely the worst part but even that isn't so bad once the adrenaline kicks in. Getting a tattoo is mostly just annoying. I finally finished my chest piece in April, it took about three hours and after the first hour I was just itching to get up and go get a beer.

    Tattoos I have:
    -Lyrics on the inside of my calf
    -Wings on my shoulder blades
    -Heart-shaped brain in the center of my chest flanked by a zombie couple surrounded by blood splatter

    Tattoos I plan on getting:
    -Believers Never Die zombies on the top of my thigh
    -Hello Kitty
    -Frame around the quote on my leg
  20. 8bitprincess

    8bitprincess FKA MissTentacles

    Ooooh! Pictures of the zombie chest piece?!
  21. CoolWife

    CoolWife Chicken

    I have one small tattoo. It hurt worse than laser in that the pain doesn't stop every half second, and takes a couple minutes to quit. Mine is on my outer ankle.
    Btw, finish laser first if you want tattoos there. I lost part of mine to the laser.
  22. Don't have any tats and nor have I had laser hair removal, but I thought I'd mention this because you said you aren't sure about whether you'll continue with laser hair removal but want a tattoo soon. Just keep in mind that, at least with some lasers, once you have a tattoo they may not be able to do any lasering over that area. There are probably lasers that can be used, but it's just something to consider. We got a laser hair removal thing and it said that if you used it over a tattooed area it could burn you because of the pigment.
  23. Nylon

    Nylon Chicken

    Funny you ask, as I was just having a conversation about this with A yesterday. Neither of us have tattoos but I have had laser on my legs and am now undergoing electrolysis in various small areas. I barely felt laser, though like you one treatment did really sting - are you sure they didn't have your settings too high? What kind of skin/hair do you have? I have dark hair and pale skin, so maybe it didn't need as much power or something.

    Electrolysis, on the other hand? Oh my Jeff Goldblum. It hurts like a bitch. I've had two treatments now and I actually jumped and shrieked at one hair this week, and I have a pretty high pain tolerance. Which prompted the tattoo vs. electrolysis discussion, which was quickly hampered by the fact that we have no experience with the former.

    Also, they say you can't feel the needle being inserted into the hair shaft in electrolysis. Oh Jeff Goldblum, you can. And then five seconds of electric pain, and then you get scabs for days. Can't fault the results, though.

    I want more laser, but expense.
  24. Fitz

    Fitz Leslie Knope Monster

    I have a small tattoo on my upper left back/shoulder. It was a "best friend" tattoo (I know) but I really love it, an the other two girls have theirs on their hips. I'm glad I can show mine to the world on a regular basis. It really didn't hurt as much as I thought - it felt like a bunch of bee stings, so manageable.
  25. 8bitprincess

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    Hiya fellow tattoo lovers!

    As I now find myself in a place where I can start getting tattoos, I've contemplating what to start with off my list. This led to a conversation with a couple of my friends about the present state of tattoo acceptance in the workplace. Obviously the level of acceptance will vary between industries, as well as the area (big city vs. small towns). That discussion has prompted me to start a similar conversation with you guys...

    What do you do for a living? How visible are your tattoos (or even those of your co-workers if they have any on display)? How do your employers feel about visible tattoos? How do you feel about tattoos being visible in the workplace? How do/would you feel as a potential client of someone with visible tattoos? There are articles out there discussing how tattoos are becoming more mainstream, and therefore more accepted as a social norm... Do you agree with that sentiment? What about in relation to the workplace?

    I'd really love to hear all your thoughts.