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    D does that sitting next to me. Dude Google can hear you from here too.
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    “Should we start lunch?”

    I’m sorry, “we”? Who is this mystical “we” that is making lunch? I can only imagine he includes his contribution of eating as “we”.
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    I'll bring the shovel.
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    I did the work on planning a Thanskgiving vacation happen. All of it. Fine, cool, my idea so no bigs. I juggled my work schedule just so and horse traded a little to maximize time away during a holiday week. This has been in the works for over a month now.

    Today, literally just days after the deadline to cancel and get a full refund, P starts making noise about whether he should go because altitude and heart issue.

    Are. You. Fucking. Kidding??? You've sat there being excited to my face for weeks and letting me do all the fucking work, and NOW you decide to throw this out there?

    Have you just been sitting on this the whole time? Well no, but I've been kinda thinking on it a bit.

    Did you, I don't know, talk to your doctor and the cardiac nurse assigned your case?? No.

    Oh. Well did you at least look online for any vague guidance or even personal stories about it? Uh no.

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    Bless him, he did Minnow’s laundry. Unfortunately, he dried it on higher heat, so I’m not sure her clothes are going to fit now. His response was that I didn’t tell him to set it on low.

    Boo, I’ve been saying to dry kid clothes on low for 4 1/2 years now.
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