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  1. Rico Suave

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    Look, I’m sorry for offending you with my comment. I can see how it might be perceived as insensitive toward you. It was not my intent. I was just sharing how I felt about my pregnancy in a thread dedicated to pregnancy, which last I checked was still okay to do... Dropping this now.
  2. CoolWife

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    I was not offended. My lol was genuine, I know those emails are obnoxious, sorry I didn’t add more words. I wouldn’t put my issues on you.
    And FFS whining about your spouse doing something nice for you is ridiculous, just even more so to me rn.
  3. whatchyagonnado

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    @CoolWife listen this is the thread :
    Thats just through the first five pages (and all fit, no shade to those quoted).

    Its obnoxious as fuck to come into a place designed for petty whines and tell someone you are dealing with true hardship so how dare they.

    I genuinely and truly feel for your entire family and what you are all going through. I cannot fathom the anxiety and pain and I think about C2’s health often. Babies shouldn’t have to be in NICUs instead of home with mom and dad and brother and I hope hes taking names and kicking ass on his way home as soon as he can be. If you find threads like this upsetting because you think they are trivial hit mark as read and move on.
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    Also, FWIW, it's not all sunshine and rainbows when you explicitly agree not to get gifts for each other, and then one party shows up with them. It breaks an agreement you had, makes you feel guilty 1. for getting a gift you were not anticipating and 2. not giving a gift in return. If my spouse just showed up on a random Friday with a gift for me and I complained, call me an asshole. But when he breaks the agreement - gift or not, it's pretty shitty and actually fucks with my anxiety.

    I am not angry at anyone, just to be clear. Just had to get that off my chest.
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  5. Canaligator

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    Thank you, that's exactly what I was talking about and how I feel. I'm happy to get flowers on a random day or other small gifts and I would never complain. I'm annoyed in this case because we agreed to one thing, he did something else, and told me about it the day before which now makes me feel like I need to come up with a present when I don't have the bandwidth to do that right now in the middle of the work week. If you want to be shitty to me, you can call that whining about your spouse doing something nice for you, but that's an unfair characterization of what I am actually talking about, and this is the fucking whining thread to begin with. I wouldn't take this to a couples therapist or anything, it's not remotely serious, but since I was here bitching about my leaky chicken package anyway, I mentioned it.
  6. Kimmers

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    I made a carrot cake and it took forever and the result is dry and blah and disappointing. :sad:
  7. nym711

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    This reminds me of my birthday carrot cake.
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    I don’t know if you grated the carrots or bought the already shredded ones but I’ve found that using freshly shredded carrots and more of them than the recipe calls for helps keep the cake moist. I also add a little more oil than what the recipe says (I use the one in the Betty Crocker cookbook).
  9. Kimmers

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    @nym711 @virgo I used one from the blogger Gimme Some Oven. Which is where I got the recipe for my all-time favorite cookies, so I thought it was a safe bet. But it ended up pretty dry and dense and just not very flavorful.

    I will say we were confused about the quantity on the carrots. We grated our own in the food processor and I was wondering if maybe we grated them too finely? Also the recipe called for one pound and we don’t have a food scale so we measured that as 2 cups. But we weren’t sure if it should be 2 cups pre-grating or post? We grated up one 10 ounce bag and that measured as 2 cups - but we had been thinking we’d need a little over a bag and a half... that part had us fairly lost lol. Clearly we rarely bake outside of cookies!
  10. virgo

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    Lol I’d be confused with pounds too. I’m used to cups/tbsp/etc measurements. That really sucks that the recipe didn’t work. Bad cake is the worst!
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    Well damn, you're just gonna have to use even more frosting on it! The sacrifices life demands can be brutal.
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  12. MagnificentCat

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    @Kimmers Were your eggs room temperature? If they were even the slightest bit chilled, your cake will be denser. Also room temperature butter— thawing in the microwave is more prone to error.

    Also everyone get some bake even strips for your cake pans. Seriously, do it.
  13. Kimmers

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    @MagnificentCat Damn the eggs were straight from the fridge, and I totally softened the butter in the microwave. Definitely looking into those bake even strips!

    @Lh718 Pile on the frosting was definitely my strategy but even the frosting is only okay.
  14. A. Ham

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    My moist cake secret is adding a tablespoon or two of lemon curd. I've never made carrot cake but it works on pretty much everything else so it's worth trying next time.
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  15. MagnificentCat

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  16. Comet

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    M's 7am Happy Valentine's text woke me up this morning.

    I am supposed to get up at 5:30.
  17. Kimmers

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    I feel armed with the knowledge to try again, thanks chickens! N requested some kind of chocolate cake next time, so time to search for recipes.

    @Comet Yikes. I am that kind of tired today too.
  18. MagnificentCat

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    @Kimmers Last cake thing, I promise. Though cake is serious business. You can make your own bake even strips using paper towels and aluminum foil. Here’s how:
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  19. Tumnus

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    What is all this wizardry? My next cake is going to be fabulous at least edible!
  20. nym711

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    @Kimmers I think that was the recipe S used for my birthday cake too. He mentioned the six eggs thing. He thought that was weird. I completely understand your disappointment. He also freshly grated the carrots too.
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  21. Kimmers

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    @nym711 6 eggs struck me as odd too but also there was SO MUCH OIL for the cake to still end up dry!

    I’m making careful note of all of these tips and will be ordering all these baking tools so my next cake is an improvement! It’s too much work to have results no one even wants to eat.
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  22. Zombie Llama

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  23. MagnificentCat

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    6 eggs sounds insane. Anything over 4 is pushing it in my opinion.

    I’ve never made carrot cake, but I found this and I’m thinking maybe...
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  24. Kimmers

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    @Zombie Llama Thank you but I can’t see that without subscribing.
  25. Kimmers

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    @MagnificentCat That carrot cake looks good! I’ll have to try that one.