Welcome New Moderators! (Chicken Staff Intros)

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    Morning, chickens! As you may have noticed, the site continues to grow and increase in activity (which is awesome, thanks for hanging out with us). As a result, the staff were beginning to feel a bit worn out trying to keep up with all the action (contrary to Beelief, we do actually have lives and dicks to attend to), so we've added two new moderators to help us and you.

    Welcome and many thanks in advance to lrrr and TaterTot!

    We also thought this would be a good opportunity to make sure everyone is familiar with who the staff are and what their basic roles are.

    Honey (administrator) - boss lady, pays the bills, handles the back room programming/coding/site ops (many thanks to her Rooster as well), front room tech (forum settings and permissions), membership maintenance and forum moderation, historian, and generally awesome person

    Vespidae (administrator) - front room tech (forum settings and permissions), general membership maintenance and forum moderation

    Android (administrator) - part founder (see history thread), general moderation of forums and membership

    Kthom (administrator) - general moderation of forums and membership

    lrrr (moderator) - general moderation of forums

    TaterTot (moderator) - general moderation of forums

    Hopefully the increase in staff will allow us to catch issues and respond to questions more quickly, and make this an even better place for all of you to post. We ask that everyone be respectful of the staff.

    In addition, we've been noticing an upswing in the amount of mini-modding, which in part contributed to the need for more hands on deck. Getting direction from too many people can be really confusing and frustrating for members, even when the information given is accurate, so we ask that you state only your opinions and not try to specify the rules. We make most decisions as a group, so its best if certain information comes from us so that everyone can feel confident that an action or rule has been vetted and agreed upon as the best course. Hopefully with six of us, this won't be as much of an issue going forward, since one of us is bound to get there sooner rather than later to clarify thing when required.

    One last thing: as of today, this doesn't really change anything in terms of where to direct your questions. Most technical stuff can still only be dealt with by admins, so continue to create help threads or PM the entire admin group for tech assistance (avatars, name changes, account questions). Both moderators and administrators can be messaged about forum stuff, like moving or closing threads, deleting posts, etc. Reports still function as usual. If any of this changes, we'll make sure you know, but for now just keep on as you were.

    Thanks again to absolutely everyone. We're really excited about how this community is working and we hope to have some great things coming up for you!
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    I couldn't be happier to be a part of keeping this place ship-shape and to be in the company of the most legendary chickens! Also looking forward to getting better acquainted with all of the new voices on here -- there are many!

    Thanks for the warm welcome and update, V!
  3. sweatermuffins

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    Yay for new mods! :kiss:
  4. HBC

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    Thanks for the updates, ladies!
  5. user217

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    I'm already scared if TT ever becomes angry.

    Will lrrr be moderating in gif?
  6. lrrr

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  7. TaterTot

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    Who, me?!

  8. user217

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    Hahaha, both of you come through beautifully as always. Excited to have you both!
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    Yay tater and lrrr!

    Thanks to all of you for the parts you play in keeping the Chicken going!
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    Thanks lovely chickens for all your hard work :)
  11. tacocat

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    I has definitely seemed like this place is growing at a pretty rapid pace! Keep up the good work, ladies :kiss:
  12. virgo

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    I think it should be mandatory for lrrr to moderate in gifs. :lol:
    Congrats lrrr and TT!
  13. redredrose

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    Lrrr is such a role model. I'm excited for her promotion.
  14. bluevalentine

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    Woot, thanks to all of our fearless leaders!
  15. lrrr

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    Can't wait to see what Tater's tag will be.
  17. Lurky Lou

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