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  1. Zombie Llama

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    It's in the 70s and there is not a cloud in the sky. Marin Bitch has put a single wool item on each chair in the backyard in some sort of attempt to claim it as hers.

    Time to go light the BBQ.
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  2. Lh718

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    @Zombie Llama how did it go?!

    My parents are not stupid, but OMJG they're so stupid. I get a 7am call from my mom asking if they should go to the ER because dad's temp has been high and staying there again. Yes, go and please hurry. Apparently he took Tylenol again as they left the house. Surprise! No fever at the ER.
  3. moose

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    oh no
  4. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    @Lh718 they skedaddled once the smoke started. :witch:

    How high was his fever?
  5. Lh718

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    101.8 to 102.1
  6. Imabug1002

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    Our complex is resealing and lining all of the parking lots. There isn't enough parking to begin with and they are closing down several lots at the same time. I moved my car to an area that is set to get sealed next week but when J got home from work it was full. He moved his to the only open spot he could find but didn't look at when that lot was getting seal coated. His car got towed this morning because that area was getting done today. They wanted cars out of the way by 7:30 am but didn't open the other lots that got lined last night before we went to bed, not sure when they opened this morning, so there was no where to move his car to even if we did realize it couldn't be where he had it. So now we have to pay the towing ticket and his alignment got fucked up because his car is AWD so we will need to get that fixed too. He's been an ass all morning because he's pissed off but he doesn't need to be snippy with me. Today's going to be fun.

    It doesn't make him feel better that it's not just him, they towed his car around 9 am because they had so many to tow.He heard them towing another car and ran out to move his but it was already pulled out of the spot so he was minutes too late.
  7. scotchbutter

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    @Imabug1002 That’s awful. I’d be understandably pissy too but yeah, he doesn’t get to take it out on you.
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  8. virgo

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    I would be furious (but again, not take it out on you!).
  9. Imabug1002

    Imabug1002 Chick pee

    He got over it eventually. Luckily I was working and could ignore him. Still annoying and now we know to pay closer attention to which lot is which day.
  10. Zombie Llama

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    Sounds like the management company did a piss poor job of managing the situation and opening lots back up timely. I would politely but forcefully raise some hell and ask for some free rent. Occupancies are really suffering, so depending on when your lease comes up for renewal, you should imply this will have you seriously rethinking your renewal.

    Also, do you all have to register your cars? If so, why didn't they give y'all a courtest call? That's just awful customer service, particularly in this environment.

    Eta: also, who is restriping when everyone is SIP???
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  11. Imabug1002

    Imabug1002 Chick pee

    Cars are registered with the office, their theory is they sent out an email 2 weeks ago so no excuses. They also posted the information on 1 side of 1 of the exits to the building (we have 2) so we "should have seen it." It was not the side J came in on so he didnt see it as a reminder. There are seriously weeks that go by where we only use 1 exit based on where we park so we wouldn't see the other door. Like one time I completed missed a notification they were going to shut the power off one day because I didn't use that door between when it was posted and when it happened. :shrug: They have still been remodeling apartments, doing outside work (yards, paving, siding etc) the whole time. Not sure it's allowed under our current orders or not. They've leaned in hard on signage in common areas that basically they hold no responsibility if anyone gets COVID and do everything at your own risk. This includes areas like the mailroom and laundry room. I understand the gym or the pool but we have to get mail and do laundry, at least provide cleaning supplies or hand sanitizer or something?

    Basically, we need to move.
  12. Zombie Llama

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    Wow, we are sanitizing our buildings like crazy and have sanitizer everywhere. Your management company sucks.
  13. virgo

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    Our landlords decided to have the building painted and we’re all like “whyyyy????”. They were going to do it in May but it got postposed because of Covid. The trim is the only thing that looks raggedy and this project could’ve waited until next spring or summer. Anyways, they started on Monday and it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that I realized some of them weren’t wearing masks. I had windows open up until that point. Now we’re sitting in the apartment with everything closed and it’s gross in here. I believe they’re done today (our building is a 1970 stucco with wood trim so there wasn’t much to do). I’m just wondering how paranoid I should be about opening windows after they leave today.
  14. virgo

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    The neighbors across the street are having a fucking party!!! I officially have zero use for them and will never be nice to them again. The longer the SIP order goes, the angrier I get when I see this shit because they’re the reason I’m stuck at home everyday. Fuck them and fuck the people that showed up to the party.
  15. calicat

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    We purchased an elevated dog bed so we could comfortably fit our dogs with us. Extra? Absolutely. However, this was an Etsy purchase and they had hella good reviews. The production time was like 6-7 weeks but cool we could wait. It should have been here 6/24. We got a message around then saying it would ship out the following week.

    So it was supposed to be here 3.5 weeks ago and the seller is now trying to tell me they are having issues securing a carrier.

    This is her response after I waited 8 days to follow up on her previous message. She says it's production but according to previous messages our item is done? Any way. Canceling.


  16. Zombie Llama

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    We live in an old Victorian and ants are just a fact of life. If you are careful, then you see maybe one ant exploring each day or two. No biggie.

    For some reason, S cannot get it through his thick skull that he has to rinse his plate off if he is going to wait to do dishes (his job). Last night he left a dish with remnants of soy marinade and rice on the counter. We now have a full on invasion. They just keep coming and coming because they heard there was a new fast food restaurant in town. It's going to take days to get back to the relatively ant free life.
  17. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    He is pretty remorseful so I am hoping it now sticks. We will see.
  18. user4058

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  19. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    For some reason, they have not worked for us. They circumvent them.

    Good news is we stopped the invasion with our fave peppermint spray.
  20. Fitz

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    Ugh, I hate ants ZL. They give me the heebie-jeebies.
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  21. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    At least these do not bite. I have a history with horrific ant bite reactions.
  22. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    Someone here beat a bus driver with a bat because he told them they had to wear a mask. I'd like to beat that asshole with a bat myself.
  23. Honey

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    Remember four months ago when I thought people were going to get beat to death for accidentally coughing in public? And now they’re being brutalized for doing things right instead.
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  24. user63

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    There have been cases of bus drivers beaten/attacked here too. That's (part of the reason) why there will never be full mask compliance on public transport. I wouldn't want to risk my life over that if I were a driver.
  25. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    Marin Bitch is hosting a baby shower in our backyard.

    I had to rush outside before her guests arrived to save my plants from being destroyed. She had shoved chairs and tables right into them.

    I am afraid we are going to be stuck with her and her asshole husband longer than originally planned as it is unlikely our landlady will come back this winter so I expect they will extend their lease.