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    My cheap CVS temporal one is fine. Or are you talking the touchiness kind?
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    Ideally touchless because the temporal one we have takes FOREVER to get a reading and it’s almost impossible to hold it still in one spot long enough with L. Also I feel like in general it’s temps are kind of all over the place.
  3. Chevere

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    Braun's in ear is your best bet for a fast read. Forehead Thermometers always have issues because they vary based on the ambient air temp. I have a dual in ear / forehead and the forehead readings are terrible but the forehead readings for the air are accurate to my thermostat and the in ear are good if I don't jam it too far or aim not at the ear canal lol. The industrial ones are better but still
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  4. Erie

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    My “fever” is at an astounding 97.5 today. Send thoughts and prayers pls.
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    Even the expensive ones have to be calibrated.
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    Apparently when Lucy’s daycare had two other pups out for a walk (thank Jeff Goldblum it wasn’t Lucy) some kids ran up to them and THREW FIREWORKS AT THE DOGS!!! I fucking give up. (The police were called but of course the kids ran off.)
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  9. HBC

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    What the hell?????
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    Wtf??? The hell is wrong with them?! I hope they find them
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    That’s such a horrible thing to do. I’m so sorry for Lucy’s friends.
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  13. Canaligator

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    I’m already at the end of my rope and I hadn’t contemplated it could get worse. Who would throw lit fireworks at dogs?!? What the fuck kind of monster would do that?
  14. Erie

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    What the FUCK is wrong with people???
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    What the hell?!
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    I’m thinking of so many terrible things that should happen to those people but I probably shouldn’t type it out. I don’t even care if they were kids or adults. Fuck those people.
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  17. Canaligator

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    Oh they should at least lose a limb, and I would support worse things happening to them.
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    Those poor poor dogs :no:
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    I know where they can put those fireworks next time....
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    That's fucking horrible
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    What the fuck and those poor dogs!
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  22. Canaligator

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    I know. Even dogs that aren't otherwise traumatized by the noise of fireworks aren't going to be OK with someone throwing a lit up exploding thing at them!!
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    Not sure if we're still keeping the Coronadiaries thread light, so I'll post here.

    I'm really trying to contain my rage at these people posting on FB about not wearing a mask. YOU ARE ALL SO DUUUMB. Someone shared a video equating it to vaccines "why do you get mad if I'm unvaccinated and you have a vaccine? Put your faith in your vaccine to protect you. If I don't have a mask, and you do, then why worry about me and my health?" YOU. ARE. SO. DUMB. They literally cannot grasp the fact that IT'S NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. (In my best preachy Southern "bless your heart" voice) I don't give a shit about you. It's about me, and my family, and my son who has had more echocardiograms in 2 months than you likely ever had in your life (and if you've had more, you're likely wearing a mask). I don't care if you are uncomfortable (pants and bras are uncomfortable too). I dont care if you "trust your body." Or trust your Jeff Goldblum and the number of days you have on this earth. You can put your trust in whatever garbage you want while still wearing a mask. So fuck you, and fuck you. Because that's basically what you're saying to everyone else when you refuse to wear a mask. So also fuck off with your "I forgive you and I'll pray for you." BS.

    Also raging at the comments I sometimes see on the state sponsored ad alerts for MIS-C. Saying it's fake fear tactics. Or caused by the flu vaccine... or whatever. FUUUUUUUUUUCK Y'all.

    Sorry, just venting it out here instead of replying to all the nonsense since I know it's a wasted effort.

  24. shakespeer

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    If MIS-C is fake, I have a bunch of kids up in the PICU to go apologize to.

    I mean, I’ll probably have to wait until they get off the vent so they can hear me, but I’m sure they’ll be relieved. Thanks, Steve from Facebook!
  25. Lh718

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    One by one, my extended family members are testing positive and acting all confused about it.


    Like really? Just your house, weekly grocery trip, and maybe work?


    Uh that doesn't matter since it's still an enclosed space plus servers are visiting multiple tables and touching everything. Where else??




    Oh my fucking Jeff Goldblum...