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    OMJG no that’s horrible. Plus the anticipation!!!
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    Oh my gosh!!! That’s awful. Are they just running behind? I can’t imagine a dentist office would be that busy right now.
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    They triple booked the same one spot then had someone walk in with an emergency. If they had just told me upfront they overbooked expecting no shows I would have left/rescheduled.
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    WTAF. Are they triple booking in case of COVID no shows? What type of airline bullshit is that?
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    One of my SILs posted an admittedly beautiful necklace from an auction. It's one of Imelda Marcos' paid for by embezzled monies from the Philippines. I'm livid that she's ooo-ing and aah-ing over it without thinking for a second about the background.
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    I think I officially hit my breaking point with the SIP restrictions. We just went to the butcher shop to get meat for the week which we’ve been doing for about 4 weeks now. The butcher is its own shop within a small grocery store. The store opens at 8am but the butcher doesn’t open until 10. We went to Nob Hill first because they’re the only store that carries low acid OJ. I usually take my mask off when I get back in the car but since we were going to the butcher’s I kept it on. I cannot breathe in the masks so I wanted to get in and out quickly. We get to the market and there’s a line and I’m like fuck. We went up and I could see straight down to the butcher and there was nobody waiting at the counter. I asked the employee outside if the line was also for the butcher and he said yes. They were only letting 30 people in the store at a time. We would’ve had to wait forever to get in. I think it’s bullshit that they’re including the butcher in their 30 only policy especially when they have different hours. It’s not like we could’ve left earlier because they weren’t even open. The butcher really is separate and you have to go out of your way from the grocery store to pass by the butcher shop. They have 3 ways of getting in and one way is off to the side and you have to go past the butcher to get to the grocery. They should have that door open so people who are only going to the butcher can get in. They can even block off the path to get to the store so people can’t sneak in. Now we’re going to have to go back later today and hope it’s not a fucking nightmare. We have to wear masks in line now so I’ll have to wear it while waiting to get in. I know Ryan can go in without me but we don’t know what meats are available and he’s terrible at decision making. I’m just really over this. I absolutely understand why we have restrictions but I’m still over it.

    eta- I sent a message to the butcher to let them know what’s going on and they actually responded. They said the guy outside is new and is misunderstanding the limit on people. It’s supposed to be 20 people for the grocery store and 10 for the other shops. The butcher is going to tell the grocery store manager because the guy just needs better training. It makes much more sense since all the shops are their own entity and shouldn’t be lumped in with the grocery limit.
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    CJ Chicken's still about distance from each other. Masks are not perfect at keeping the contagion in, so social distancing is still really important. At small shops here (like our favorite deli) they strictly regulate the number of people inside at a time. It's only responsible and it is not forever.
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    Our Home Depot only allows 25
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    Also I’m surprised you both can still go in together. Most stores here only allow one person per group/couple in to get through more people with the lines now.
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    Ugh A got baby wipes and TP today and said he saw multiple families of 5+ with young kids running around. WHYYYYY. Its really weird here- you see people with masks and giving you “six feet” glance and then people who look like they stumbled over from 2010 and aren't sure whats happening.
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    @whatchyagonnado Oh brutal! I’m sure there are exceptions (kids with one adult, when they have no other option), but mostly they want to get through the lines faster, and when the store is limited to 25 or 30 people, it takes a lot longer when multiple people from the same family are going in together.
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    After I calmed the fuck down, we went back but I told Ryan to go without me because I didn’t want to take a spot from someone else (the market was letting couples in). We’re so used to shopping together so it doesn’t cross our minds to go solo.

    @ClamJam I get that but according to the butcher, the guy at the door wasn’t doing it right. It was supposed to be 2 separate lines. One for the grocery store and one for the other shops. He was just letting 30 people in to go wherever and they weren’t supposed to have that many in the grocery store at one time.

    Sorry guys, I was just really frustrated today. Believe me, I understand why we have social distancing measures in place.
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    I don’t think you need to apologize for being frustrated. We can be frustrated at a million things that make perfect sense and are in our best interests and do us well. This is a time where hard things will be different for everyone and it’s important to give those you care for grace.
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    Thank you. :kiss:
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    @virgo I’m glad you were able to get your stuff!

    I was just making a general comment re the one per group at a time, based on what we’ve seen here at many of the stores. And by we, I mean A, because I haven’t been past my mailbox at the end of the road since March 13.
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    My FIL had about one and a quarter of a kidney removed within the last couple years due to kidney cancer. They found a small part on the remaining kidney they were pretty sure would be easy to handle a few months ago. It seemed like nbd.

    Today he told us his lower back has been hurting for a week on the side with the remaining kidney. My ILs are obviously scared and not in a good headspace, waiting to hear from the doc, and then likely waiting for tests. Rooster’s really anxious. I adore my FIL and REALLY hope this pain is related to something else, but the minute he said his lower back was hurting my first thought was “fuck”.
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    I'm so sorry @Afishwish . That's so scary and stressful. Crossing my fingers for you that it's something else or an easy fix like early kidney infection.
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    I'm sorry Fish, claws crossed it's something minor and easy to fix.
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    I’m sorry Fish, I hope it’s something else!
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    Oh no, Fish. I hope he pulled something in a concerning spot <3
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    Sending good vibes @Afishwish.

    My FIL has to go to the hospital tomorrow, and I am so worried about him and my MIL. He wouldn't survive this virus if he got it.
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    I’m sorry fish. Really hope it’s nothing related.

    good vibes to your family too ZL.
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    Hope both your FILs are okay
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