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    The Dems need to win the mid terms, but I’m also scared what might happen if they do.
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    Lyft seemed to take it very seriously and the customer service person sounds shocked when I told her what happened. So there's that. I made it clear I want her removed from Lyft, so we'll see.

    I know my experience was minor compared to what many deal with on a daily basis, and I'm very reminded of how privileged I am to have lived most of my life not feeling afraid due to my race/ethnicity/religion.

    A midterm election has never felt so important.
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    I’m glad they listened, but sad and sorry you had to call.
  4. I'm glad the CSR took your complaint seriously, @amonavis. It boggles my mind that people with all these ridiculous conspiracy theories are now comfortable talking publicly with strangers about their crazy ideas. I look forward to the day that they're all driven back to the dark corner of the internet where they belong.
    In my county, the first day of early voting this year had three times the voter turnout as the first day of the last midterm/gubernatorial election. I am hoping that turns out to be a good thing.
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    Apparently several people I know well knew Dr. Rabinowitz, a victim of the shooting who was also a family physician.

    He provided compassionate, loving care for those with HIV when there was no cure. He taught students courage, love, and advocacy. I am sorry he's gone.
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    Liking for the wonderful person he was.

    I used to drive by that Synagogue every day before we bought the house.
  7. Such a terrible shame.
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    And now the fucktwit wants to repeal birthright citizenship.
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    Luckily he can’t, no sense in even talking about it.
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    Today, I heard the story about Jerry Rabinowitz always standing for Kaddish to represent everyone who didn't have family to stand for them and how everyone in the synagogue stood for him in turn. I was sobbing in the car.
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    I have read some posts about how great Dr. Rabinowitz was in the early days of the AIDS crisis, making sure that men who were otherwise ostracized got the care and compassion they needed to survive.

    The stories of the brothers is what destroyed me yesterday.
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    Same. It's so cruel.
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    :sad: my dad called me last night, his friends worship at a similar synagogue around the corner and knew many of the victims. It's all so terrible :/
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    I know the son (also a rabbi) of the retired rabbi. The father goes to that Shabat service every week and sits in the back row. He stayed home thar day because his wife was sick and asked him to.
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    Because this nightmare just continues to roll...

    Watching the public, prime time presentation and questions by the Jan 6 Committee. It just came back from a 10min recess after the first compilation video from that awful day. It was so fucking upsetting. It felt exactly like watching 9/11 footage - just helpless, terrifying, infuriating, shocking. I'm so pissed that the people who NEED to see this are busy pretending nothing happened.
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    NY's 108 year ban on concealed carry yesterday. Roe v Wade today. Wheeeee.
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    I hate it here.

    Also, abortion is legal, today, where I am. I can help.
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    Normally I'd be all over a good debate that forces me to think about my position, but I already know the other side is coming from a very specific and flawed mentality.

    ETA: this FB argument is occurring on an Urban Dictionary post. What is happening?
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