These eyebrows are the stuff of nightmares.

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  1. Honey

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    I feel like it's really normal for facial hair to pull a little lighter and warmer than one's hair color. Like a lot of the men in my family have black hair and reddish beards.
  2. hellohelloagain

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    My husband is one of those who has blond hair but a red beard.

    My dads side of the family is native American, so hair is dark but sparse. My dad can't even grow a beard because it's so patchy. Males on my mom's side are all blond. I definitely take after my dad in the hair color and type department, my eyebrows are dark but not full. I mostly fill in mid brow to ends, i never really do the full brow.
  3. shakespeer

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    My eyebrows definitely more closely match the (natural) blonde streaks by my temples than the rest of my hair.
  4. pinacolada

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    I'm a weirdo with really light brown hair, and super dark, almost black, eye brows. It's awful. I dyed my hair black once, and got asked if I did my eyebrows too--nope, dyed my hair darker to match my brows.
  5. TaterTot

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    Dirty blonde with dark eyebrows here.
  6. shakespeer

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    We talking hair color, hygiene practices, or behavior?
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