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  1. Zombie Llama

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    @scotchbutter I am so sorry. Would your mom be willing to watch E and your nephew at your house?
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    That’s a really good suggestion!
  3. Zombie Llama

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    I was thinking she might be happy to get out of the drama house during the day.
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    @scotchbutter I'm sorry your family is going through such a tough time and that your mom is being purposefully (imho) obtuse about your boundaries with E. Don't shortchange your instincts by saying it's overdramatic to feel the situation is unsafe. It very much is! Cops, strangers at the door at 1:30 in the morning, screaming, bodily violence...that's a whole lot.

    If your mom tries to push you, she's being incredibly selfish and thoughtless regarding your comfort as a parent as well as her daughter. Her needs and feelings aren't the most important here. I think you're being very gracious to go over there honestly.

    @Kimmers I know they're your parents and that you are trying so hard to keep up a good relationship with them. You are not doing yourself any favors by not being direct about the no babysitting though. Remember, it's only a fight if you choose to engage.
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    Hugs @scotchbutter . I'm sorry they make you feel bad about your choices. My parents have the same, self-centered reaction of my life being all about them somehow. It's so much easier said than done, but try and remember that their reactions say a lot more about them than you.
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    I made a huge boneheaded mistake. So I'm working with my trauma therapist, and it's leading to some very troubling thoughts about myself and my sense of self.

    In that vein, I reached out to my ex of the crazy dreams. I wanted to ask some questions. He has read the messages but hasn't responded, and in hindsight he probably shouldn't. I'm a giant idiot.
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    If people are able to maintain their mental health care right now, I highly highly recommend doing a call with your therapist while on a walk. It isn't as cozy as sitting in their office, but it comes in a close second.
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    On that note, I’ll also plug BetterHelp. I haven’t used them in over a year, but it was very helpful when I did. This situation is just so anxiety-inducing, and it makes sense if you want to start seeing someone to sort out feelings, fears, and emotions. I have a feeling I might sign up again before this is over.
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    My insurance provider also sent an email thay we can access free mental health care temporarily (remotely, Im fairly certain).
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    This is very helpful, friend.
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    That’s really hard. <3

    I would feel completely justified in shielding E from all of this.
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    @scotchbutter you are doing the right thing. It is not selfish to protect your child.
  15. Fitz

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    Scotch, you are more than justified in wanting to keep her away from your family. I'm sorry you are dealing with this <3
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    I am really sorry Scotch. I think you are making the absolute best decision you can for your immediate family in a very shitty situation. I know that doesn't make it easier to deal with, but you're doing the right thing IMO by keeping E away.
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    This is more of a whine than anything, but I'm looking for a new therapist right now and ugh.
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    I see my new therapist on Tuesday a meeting with my psychiatrist on Wednesday and have a meeting with CMH the following week. Wish me luck. I have no idea what to talk about with my therapist though I don’t know what they would do to help with psychosis.
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    All the good ones have either awkward office hours or full case loads
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    Have any of you ever tried the life coach route? I feel really Paltrow-Goop-y about it, but I'm looking for straight up coping mechanisms and strategies I can use right away as opposed to digging deep for root stuff. Wondering if this might be a good, short term route.
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    A therapist should be able to help with that! After this whole year I just don’t have it in me to do much deep digging and my therapist has been super willing to help me just survive, for now.
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    I have yes, and I’d say while it can be therapy-like in some ways, a life coach isn’t really qualified to handle mental health issues in the same way a registered psychologist is. I’d go to a life coach or mentoring for more lifestyle issues or life direction and focus kind of things, if that makes sense. You can definitely get short-term or immediate coping strategies from a therapist without always having to dig into the root of problems. <3
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    I just had my first BetterHelp session over chat. It went really well! I'm so thankful for the chat option. It takes away so much of the anxiety of talking in person and on the phone, especially with my mental stuttering issues. It also comes with live typing, which can be funny to see mistakes and backtracking, that helps with the wait on responses. 5 out of 7, highly recommend!

    And just so I don't clog up diff threads with similar stuff - I had my first ketamine session the other night. There are no significant mood/mental changes yet, which is par for expectations. It was really nerve wracking leading up to it because I've never experienced psychedelics before (that I know of). It turned out okay. I wasn't a big fan of the nausea or headache, but both were mild. The trip got a little scary because "what if I get stuck in the matrix forever?!" but was otherwise fine. No profound thoughts popped out.
  24. Honey

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    I am waiting for the day that the experimental trials on psilocybin therapy are expanded to people taking SSRIs because I think a guided mushroom trip could actually be really beneficial to someone like me with a high ACE score and old trauma to work through.
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