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    How incredibly frustrating and weird! It's not like your travel time affects the foster at all. And it's been a week and the dogs are still with her so how great are those other folks.
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    I'm guessing that typically, the foster visits the applicant's home with the dog to do an interview and meet and greet. So that's why I was really clear that we are happy to come there for the initial visit to save her time. I am not upset with the idea that it's been a week and the dogs are still with her because that tells me they take their time selecting the applicants they want to interview! But yeah, I am frustrated that despite the rescue telling me that we have a very strong application, we may not be considered by the foster because we're an hour away.
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    He was EXTREMELY over the modeling session before it began. He made sure the photos reflected his feelings. :lol:
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    His side-eye was great!
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    WK for someone I don’t know or care about - I have a very full personal life right now. I assume that would include paying jobs since fostering is generally a volunteer thing. Between work, two kids a dog and house, I get 4-5 hours of sleep and don’t have time to do... anything.
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    That's very fair! My mind just immediately went to "personal life" being other stuff, frivolous things. But you're right I shouldn't be so quick to judge.

    I would also assume you wouldn't volunteer to foster multiple dogs in your situation though. Especially if the foster agreement is that the foster must review applicants, contact them, and handle meeting and selecting them.
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    Have you considered the TB humane society? They were wonderful. We got our dog from a neighboring county’s animal services.
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    That's the shelter that I posted about calling the morning before they opened about a puppy and was told that I would have had to have been in line at 5am for a real shot at adopting him. They are strictly first-come-first-served from what they told me over the phone.
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    Meanwhile my assholes are barking at a recording of them barking during an interview Z did he’s trying to transcribe.
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    It wasn’t anything like this in the DC area, I think it’s just the rescues here.

    This same rescue just posted a female puppy this morning so I emailed asking to be considered for her also. We will see.
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    Good luck!! None of our dogs are rescues (Ares kind of is. People down the street had an oops litter and she was 12 weeks and nobody wanted her or her sisters so they were about to go to the shelter) and partially because the rescues can be so insane to deal with.

    What is the shelter status in FL right now @Erie? I've had a shelter dog before and she was fantastic. Maybe a shelter is easier?
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    I have looked at all of them nearby. The one I mentioned above that we called morning-of and were told we'd have had to have been in line at 5am is the largest locally. The rest are all operating at very limited capacity and have maybe 1-3 dogs listed, none are what we're looking for though so far.
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    Animal services too?
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    As far as I know, our local animal services are the shelters. I've looked at the county websites and that's the impression I've gotten.
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    @Erie we had a similarly difficult situation trying to adopt a dog a few years ago. Our local two shelters had 5 am lines and asked that all adopters be present when trying to adopt a dog. It just wasn’t feasible for both of us to take a day off work on a maybe shot of being first in line for a dog. I tried many rescues and had interesting results —one wouldn’t adopt to us because I’m sometimes gone four hours for work a few times a month even though I primarily WFH. The rescue didn’t want their dogs alone for more than 3 hours, ever. Another golden/lab rescue wouldn’t adopt to anyone that didn’t have a pool.
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    It’s so weird that they’re operating at reduced capacity. When we went to get Lacey they were overflowing with dogs there. Granted she wasn’t a PUPPY puppy, only 6 months, but they still had so many. I wonder if it’s COVID related?
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    Hey @Erie i know someone who fosters the the TB area, want me to ask her if she can help?
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    My sister works with a rescue in the northeast but I know she has friends that have friends at other rescues so I can ask her for recommendations too if you'd like.
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    It sounds like there is a ton of demand with people working from home. I wonder if there will be a ton of dogs returned to shelters in a few months.
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    Yeah it is COVID related.
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    I am open to anything!