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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by Lovemelovemyhorses, Jun 1, 2014.

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    OMJG /dead

    Ben was sitting next to me when I hit play and he promptly got up and left. :lol:
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    I just read in a CNN article that someone was arrested related to the Capitol riot because they were WEARING AN ANKLE MONITOR from a prior probation violation. :lol: They have GPS tracking of everywhere he went in the building so they are charging him for each restricted area he was in. How fucking stupid can you be? :lol:
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    Stupid enough to think that he could do what he did and it would all be ok because Savior Trump would rescue him.
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    I love a good meme and all, but this seems a bit much.

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    I have the humor of 12yr old. Saw this on a patient's results. The first line is apparently the testing device name.

    Totally read that to myself as, "No mo' dicks. Patient has tested positive for pregnancy."

    Not a pregnancy test btw, just some other lab thing on a pregnant woman.
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    Even before your explanation it made me chortle, so I too am 12.
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    I am also 12.
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    I didn’t even see it. I was trying to figure out what the diagnostic was.