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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Honey, May 15, 2019.

  1. Honey

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    @Lh718 D and I are on our endless loop of rewatching the Bones episodes we like. We're watching the one where Jared gets his dishonerable discharge and Booth gets him an interview. D just started laughing out loud. Our spoilery conversation:

    Me: ... what?
    D, still laughing: He DIES offscreen.
    Me: ...
    D: Jared is in several episodes, then he disappears for a long time, and then when they mention him again, he's DEAD. They done him dirty.

    Yeah, but not as dirty as Sweets.
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  2. user4030

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    I blame John Francis Daley for Sweets. He decided he was done.
  3. Lh718

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    After his character is painted as just going totally wrong in life!! That upset me a lot more than I ever cared for him.

    (Not Sweets. That tore me up hard.)
  4. Honey

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    But he just asked for time off to do his stupid Vacation movie. Just like they did with Zack, they were like, "Oh, you want leave? Cool, we can ruin you."
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  5. Honey

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    Uh, just for the record, we did it here first.

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