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    Background on the pets, all rescuses:
    Bruno - about 8 years old, Presa Canaria
    Clementine - about 2 years old, claim is part pug part frenchie, I suspect she's also part chihuahua and part demon.
    Hank - around 7, cat
    Lily - around 3, cat

    Not much about the cats, mainly that they hate Clementine because she's mean to them but it doesn't take a psychic to figure that out. Bruno for the most part came through as he's happy but he thinks Clementine is dumb/slow and just goes along with her to not make her feel bad. Clem on the other hand thinks she runs the entire neighborhood and everyone in it with her mind. It's like she's the unapologetic mastermind behind the simulation that is her neighborhood and nothing exists without her decisions. She thinks she rules the house and everyone must follow her commands. Which totally checks out one you meet her. :yes:
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    Ok so, I mentioned previously that I’m an empath which, quite frankly, sucks sometimes. Tonight was one of those times. Some random guy showed up across the street and sat down on our neighbors half wall that surrounds their yard. I could sense he was upset. He sat there for over an hour drinking the whole time. He had a pretty intense sadness because I could feel it from across the street. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to go ask him if he was alright but at the same time he was a drunk stranger. I decided not to go over there but I felt the sadness the whole time he was there. He finally left a few minutes ago. These are the times when I hate being able to feel other’s emotions. I hope he finds peace with whatever is upsetting him. When he left, he could barely walk. Like, who do you even call in that situation? He needed help but with everything happening lately, I was not going to call the cops. I wish there was another agency to call.