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    Holy sense of entitlement!
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    (Although anyone who wants to drive by and throw gifts at me is more than welcome!)
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    I'll just be over here lolling at "Jeff Goldblum-daughter"
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    Unfortunately the cringe didn't end there.

    My friend shared with me an awkward situation. A few years ago this couple had a surprise baby (as in Surprise... that stomach pain you are feeling is labour and the last few months of weight gain and weird symptoms was pregnancy). The family was really supportive, my friend especially. The couple are both 25 but they both were still living at home and working pretty low wage jobs. After the baby was born Mom and baby moved in with him and his parents. I found out about a month ago that they were pregnant again and didn't think much of it.

    But then I got the full story.

    She found out she was pregnant again and wasn't sure if she wanted to keep it. She didn't tell anyone, including her boyfriend. Instead, she shared with her co-workers. She apparently talked about it daily, mostly about how she wanted to terminate but wasn't sure completely. What she didn't know was one of the co-workers lives next door to an Aunt of her boyfriends. This co-worker approached the Aunt to ask her to try and talk some sense into the Mom-to-be. She wasn't talking about the abortion, but rather that someone needed to tell her to talk about this with her partner and her Doctor and not her co-workers some of whom have been having difficulty conceiving and are really struggling listening to her talk about this on a daily basis. The Aunt ended up telling a lot of the family members what was going on but none of them talked to Mom-to-be or told the boyfriend. As a result most of the family knew she was pregnant and considering an abortion before the Father found out. She eventually told the Father after she had decided to keep it.

    TL/DR everyone in his family found out his girlfriend was pregnant and considering abortion and they all knew for at least a few weeks before he found out.
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    Man, I wish the kids well.
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    Saw a comment on a "should I take a flight/vacation" post that was "Would you rather live with memories or regrets? I say go!" Um, I'd rather live. If you go and catch COVID I think you'll have a lot of regrets. I'm not sure you're communicating your point right.
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    There’s living with memories and then there’s regrets because this is potentially a deadly decision. People just don’t seem to understand that it’s called a global pandemic for a reason.
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    Not me though! I'm not old or sick! It's just the flu! Totes worth the risk of getting it a d spreading it to people I know and love and even strangers who might be susceptible and die! #makingmemories
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    I’m in a FB diaper bag BST group (random, I know), and someone asked for people to show their cute or interesting masks, favorite masks, and where they got them. It’s turned into a shitshow mask debate. Not surprisingly, many of the anti-maskers have pro-Trump profile pictures.
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    Can I get some of the highlights? Or lowlights?
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    “I refuse to wear a mask and won’t put my children in one” - this lady (Trump/Pence banner in profile pic) was promptly called a Karen and shat on. Then someone came in to WK her, calling everyone else the real Karens with their mob mentality, and when people told her she was wrong she called them Nazis and whined that people can have different opinions.

    Another lady said she wears mesh masks so she can go in buildings. Some ladies were all “totally agree and where do I get one?!” while others called her selfish for doing so. Then she said she can’t wear a mask she’ll get an anxiety attack because of ptsd. The discussion really had nowhere positive to go from there, but it kept happening.

    Then there was another lady just trolling anyone who made the case for why masks are good. It was pretty clear she’s an antivaxxer, and not as smart as she thinks she is.

    That’s all that’s coming to mind at the moment, the thread’s too big for me to keep following. It was bizarre.
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    Oooo, we got a “well, the DemoKKKrats.”
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    Oh fuck. :lol:
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    Once again in a FB group I’m in (alpha-1), the admin is advocating for using EOs like eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil in a spray bottle for cleaning. For people with sensitive lungs or lungs you want to prevent damaging, this is fucking terrible advice. People in this group have asthmatic kids and/or kids predisposed to COPD. Aerosilized shit = bad. Unregulated things loaded with fragrance that have possible side effects = bad. I would expect the admin to know better.
  17. Honey

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    Does this admin also sell doTerra, though?
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    @Honey no; I assume she would have mentioned it by now. She’s also mentioned colloidal silver before, which I thought was a blast from the woo past.
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    Wait, why is silver considered woo? It's used in wound care quite a bit.
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    Doh I forgot it has legit uses; I’ve mostly come across it being used in homeopathy (which was the context in this instance).
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    My etsy store is gonna be called silver oils :lol:
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    For obvious reasons I can't post this on FB, so I'll post here for catharsis.

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    Between the Trump era and covid, there’s a part of me that will forever think about certain people “you are nice and I may love you, but also fuck you”.
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