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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Internet Insanity' started by Fitz, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. Comet

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    It me.

    "Oh, what a good boy!"

    "SHE is a good GIRL, right? The very best GIRL really."
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  2. Fitz

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    Shows portraying cops as "good" are being cancelled or not renewed. A few people started tweeting, sarcastically, that Paw Patrol should also be cancelled (because one of the characters, Chase, is modeled after a police officer) and now conservative media is having a field day.

    :wall::wall::wall:Paw Patrol is going nowhere, guys!
  3. user63

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    It's not even worth commenting on, but it makes me so annoyed.

  4. megatron

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    Sorry Brian, you’re* just a special kind of stupid.

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  5. user63

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    For the record, I dont know Brian. For all I know he's a Russian troll. Someone I know just shared the post.
  6. user63

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    Also, for the official record BRIAN, I am offended by violent video games and J doesn't play them when the kids are awake.

    I also don't know why people care so much. Kids barely know who Elmer Fudd is these days, if at all. Maybe some cool hipster tweenagers do, like the ones who wear 90s cartoons tshirts.
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  7. hellohelloagain

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    Also maybe I'm being pedantic, but that doesn't even look like a new game?

    Looks like PS1-formation of the ESRB era game or like one of those homebrew DOOM ripoff games you'd find on Steam
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  8. Canaligator

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    We have something similar here but it’s “wine fairies”. I was dragged into it by my paralegal and one of my running friends. It seems a little silly but all in good fun.
  9. Lh718

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    Seems like an interesting way to meet people. Also, I can see a future crime podcast of neighborhood women being poisoned in their own homes.
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  10. user63

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    Someone I know on FB has been doing this. She has had a few posts saying she's been "whined." Gets a basket of goodies dropped on her doorstep from time to time, and also creates baskets to drop off to other people.
  11. megatron

    megatron Wordsmith Staff Member

    Yeah here they are “wine ninjas”, and it’s a basket of treats and some wine or other alcoholic beverage usually.
  12. Honey

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    Nah. Their husbands.
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  13. hellohelloagain

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    As someone who lives in Portland there's been fuck all to do around here the last few months. Even the parks have been closed up until like, last week. Most restaurants are still closed or only open for delivery/takeout, public markets cancelled, zoos closed, breweries are closed...

    If "visit Portland" was on your bucket list now is a stupid time to do it, for a multitude of reasons.
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  14. Afishwish

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    Our area’s been that way, too. Our weekends have mostly been driving to places we know beaver lodges are.
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  15. Erie

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  16. Canaligator

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  17. Kimmers

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    Oh my Jeff Goldblum, I HATE that!
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  18. Imabug1002

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    Yeah that is super creepy.
  19. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

  20. MagnificentCat

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    That was really creepy. The picture with the step daughter was really cute though.
  21. HBC

    HBC Chicken

    Can someone spell out what’s creepy?
  22. Canaligator

    Canaligator Barbie Police

    Showing up uninvited at a woman’s hotel room in another country...??
  23. HBC

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    It was a bold move, but the article reads like they definitely were in a relationship even if it wasn’t “official”
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  24. RoryGilmore

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    It’s not the greatest look, but I wasn’t as creeped since by that time they were already working together and renovating homes together. And emotionally tied, for the most part. Like, they were dating without using the words.
  25. Kimmers

    Kimmers Chicken

    To me it read that she really wasn’t interested at first (you can have my number later, if I ever even see you again) and he just didn’t accept that and wore her down over time. She didn’t even invite him on the trip yet accepted his proposal when he randomly showed up? It just feels like a sketchy dynamic to me.