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    See that was the thing that was confusing about it, because I thought it was donating either way, you just donated less if you did the challenge. Like you donate $5 if you do the challenge and $50 if you don't or whatever.

    But I'm sure most who jumped on that bandwagon did it for "awareness" and didn't donate anything, cause it seemed to have different rules depending on who was doing it
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    I did my own spin on the ice water challenge. I posted a 2 minute video on ALS and wrote that for every comment with a fact learned about ALS, I would donate. No one commented, I donated $20 anyway. It seemed like more of a viral challenge to me than a donation initiative.
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  4. hellohelloagain

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    Lol that's why I put awareness in quotes
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    I have a friend who does something similar on fb every day. He is in a pretty blessed position financially (and he earned it, he is a very hard working professional) and he gives back quite a bit. During covid he has posted every afternoon saying "come watch me drink at beer at 6pm". Then at 6 he goes live on fb and pours himself a pint from his collection. He always has different stuff so he talks about what he is drinking and interacts with anyone watching the video. He picks a different charitable organization every day and asks people to donate. Then he matches the donations. If nobody donates he will give $25. Doing that every day ends up adding up quite a bit for him.

    Another friend started a weekly zoom trivia game. Now there are nearly 40 of us who play every week. He has a wide variety of trivia questions and using video clips and music clips as well. It is really fun. You put in $5 to play and then the winner gets half the proceeds. The rest go to a Food Bank in our area. So far, I don't think anyone has actually kept their winning, they just donate it back. Most week the host also thanks the anonymous donor who has offered to match the weeks tally. I assume that is my first friend doing that.
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    People on my nextdoor are asking if anyone else heard “the air raid sirens” and wondering if that meant there was rioting going on and the “civil defense” had been activated.

    It’s the tornado sirens, which they were testing just like they always do on the first Saturday of the month, every month.
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    @HBC people on my nextdoor were doing something similar but it was about fireworks. They were saying it must be explosions from/for the rioting in Oakland except there hasn’t been any rioting since Monday. I know for a fact it was fireworks because the people setting them off live 2 blocks from me. People are fucking idiots.
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    Martial law here at noon today too.
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    Damn, y'all are making me miss nextdoor. I shut off my Hayward one with the intent of signing up for Fresno, but it was too much work.
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    Yeah, my nextdoor had a post with the title "shots fired." But then was posting to ask if it was gunshots or fireworks. Yeah, lets go ahead and make everyone panic without you even know what it was.

    In other Nextdoor news, a photographer found a coyote den full of pups in the neighborhood cemetery and not one person said we need to kill them or to watch out for your children and pets
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    I'm having the opposite Nextdoor experience. I live in a neighborhood that did see pretty significant looting last weekend. And things did look bad (broken glass everywhere, garbage, etc.). But someone got on Nextdoor and posted a chiding message saying that there was a lot of trash on the sidewalks for his Sunday morning walk, and asking people to please respect their neighbors and make sure to throw their trash in the bins.

    Friend, do you seriously think that was just littering? Did you somehow miss the curfew/sirens/boarded up businesses? I need you to pick up a newspaper.
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    Whyyyyy can she not even bring herself to say Toi’s name? Jenna, you can not control this narrative. You cannot control this narrative. YOU CANNOT CONTROL THIS NARRATIVE.
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    There must be sponsors pressuring her to “get ahead of” this.
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    Yes but you almost always have to pick dinosaurs or unicorns, pink or blue, etc.
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    Finding gender neutral clothes was really difficult. The boy clothes tend to lean a bit more neutral.
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    And there's a lot of gender specific text like "Momma's boy" or "Daddy's little princess"
  18. HBC

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    Which 1 is problematic. And 2 is irrelevant.

    Free is my favorite flavor of anything.
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    Until a baby is old enough to weigh in on the Charmin Ultra Strong vs. Ultra Soft debate, they generally care little what they shit upon.
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    I mean yeah both my boys have some “girls” clothes and C1 always picks pink, just saying the industry is problematic and having people misgender your baby is annoying, I’d also ask for boys clothes “if possible.”
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    I think it’s just a preference
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    I think it turned into that because of the comment about wtf are newborn boys clothes.

    I can understand why someone would prefer not to dress their baby boy in puff sleeved pink glitter flower onesies. It honestly doesn't even seem choosy beggar to me since an offer was made and the responder said "if possible."
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    I get mildly annoyed if someone also incorrectly sexes my pet. Them: "oh he's so cute! Such a good boi!" Me: " oh yes, she is the very best girl!" :lol:

    Suffice to say, it also mildly annoyed me when it happened to my kids lol There's plenty of free baby clothes to go around in these neighborhood things, so it's just nota big deal to me. I'm sure she isnt choosing to have a naked baby rather than clothing her child in the "wrong" gendered clothing if it came to that. Nothing wrong with a preference though. Being poor and getting free things doesn't necessarily mean you can't have an opinion on the free things you're receiving. I think that's a dangerous slope to go down.
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    I also wouldn't care, my dad's favorite color is blue and my mom dressed me in mainly boy clothes as a baby, I didn't have any idea.
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    In newborn sizes I think everything kiddo had was either a white cotton side-snap shirt, or something really neutral. It was easy to find neutral newborn clothes but has been harder as he’s gotten older.
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