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    S came home yesterday telling me her teacher said they need to make a shirt with 100 things on it. That's basically the only information she had, and the teacher didn't say anything. Knowing their 100 days thing is on Friday, I messaged the teacher about it because that would make this the only weekend I have to get something together, and weekdays are a challenge since I work. She messaged me back about it and gave me a few extra details and said she plans to send the note home on Monday. That means we would basically 3 days to have some stupid homemade shirt ready in time :bird: This teacher, man :wall:
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    Stickers it is!
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    Luckily I have a shirt this time, but if I didn't even have a shirt to put stickers on, I'd be SOL. She said it would be cute if it had hearts, since its Valentine's day too :roll::roll::roll::roll: This teacher is seriously on my shit list

    I didnt even get a chance to talk about the teacher's clear disdain for a child in her class. He has very obvious behavioral problems in the classroom (that I saw in action when I was a guest in the classroom). I also know he can be very kind, based on the one time we saw him walking outside of school, and he likes to give S sunflower seeds (as a little treasure, not for her to eat). Anyway, he had some sort of very scary medical issue this past week and had to leave school in an ambulance. I only know the details as S has reported, and I've been checking in with her to see if he has returned to school, or if the teacher gave them an update on how he's doing. One day, she started telling me she thinks her teacher is happy that the child is gone because now it means they can do their lessons without interruption. She said the teacher didnt say that, thats just what S thinks she feels like. Like, WTF kind of hateful energy toward a child are you putting out into the classroom that a 6 year is picking up on to make them think you're happy that a child is seriously ill?? The teacher has made other comments about the kid, as reported by S. I feel like she is the kind of teacher who announces to the class that a "bad kid" is bad in order to shame them. I full well understand the struggle of challenging students, and also know that teachers dont click with every single student that comes through their door, but damn. Have some compassion toward these babies.
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    This teacher sounds pretty bad @Apples&Oranges . I wonder if the boy’s parents know about his relationship with the teacher. Also not even giving a weekend to do some kind of project is crazy.
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    She just told me she wishes they could go on a field trip to the hospital to visit him. She said she had a dream that he was better and came back to school, except that he was in a wheelchair now. <3 I hope that whatever happens in her life, she is always able to see the good in others, even if other people are only focusing on the bad.

    I'm sure his family have some idea. He has his own para in the classroom, and I overheard his grandfather talking to him as he walked home one day asking him what he will do if he gets kicked out of school, and mentioned transferring to a private school in the neighborhood. When I see him outside, you'd never guess he had trouble in the classroom. He is well behaved, polite, kind. But he is definitely a disruptive challenge in the classroom. Last time I was in there, he was running around, crawling under desks, and taking fistfuls of pencils (that he apparently throws sometimes). :no:
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    Poor kid <3 I’d be seriously pissed about that teacher too. I know full well what dealing with students with behavioral challenges is like, and it can be freaking hard and sometimes it is hard to relate to the kid and see the good, but it’s always there. And like you said, you don’t make your relief that the kid is out so obvious that other students pick up on it.

    I’m also side-eyeing the fact that this is with the student having a 1-to-1 aide. Like I know full well that because of breaks and not all aides being that great it’s not a perfect solution, but come on.
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    The aid didn't seem that helpful when I was there. Maybe she's new, idk. And she was very young. But at one point when he was running around under desks, the teacher told the aid to go get him or something. At the same time, trying to stop him made him worse and turned it into a game so :shrug: I've also only seen him with his grandparents whenever we bump into them outside, so either his parent/s work long hours or he's being raised by grandparents for one reason or another, so I'm guessing there is also a backstory that might contribute his behavior.
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    Poor thing. Honestly private school might be a better fit if they can swing it, since he’s not getting his needs met there.
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    I dont think this particular private school will necessarily meet his needs either. It operates pretty much the same as any other public school, except that it has Catholic studies. I dont think class sizes or anything are much smaller either.
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    Ah, that sucks. If nothing else I hope he gets well soon, gets through this year, and has a better teacher next year.
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    That poor kid. My 3rd grade teacher zeroed in on 1 or 2 "bad kids" and blamed them every time something went wrong. It was blatantly obvious that she didn't care for them, and gave us free reign to also blame stuff on them.

    Also I don't care for this 100 days crap. Until the kids are older and more self sufficient, it is just asking parents to put something together.
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    I dont mind that they do an event thing, but I agree that the projects are dumb. Last year, her K teacher asked us to bring in a collection of 100 things, so we brought in 100 m&ms in a ziploc. Little did I know that "collection" was supposed to mean "clever display" so at the school's 100 day event, her sad little bag of 100 m&ms sat on the table while everyone else (of those who brought something, not everyone did) had collage type of things on display :oops::lol: Luckily she wasnt old enough to care lol
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    P and I have enjoyed her 100th day projects but we’ve had clear instruction and sufficient time to complete the projects. She didn’t do one this year for 2nd grade. Her teacher barely even acknowledged the day. P was very butt hurt about it!
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    We toured a preschool today and my mom is here so she asked if she could come. She was SO embarrassing.
    “C is the smartest little boy I know! He knows all of his shapes and colors and numbers and he is so verbal and so bright!”

    Major cringe. Also lies haha (I love C, I think hes smart, he most certainly does NOT know every shape ect)

    We liked it though so even know hed have to be back w/ the 2s (dang cutoff) I think we are gonna sign up for fall.
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    Lol I love your mom. If there were gatekeepers for doggie daycare my mom would be the same. To this day, 3 years later, apropos of nothing she will be like “that Ziggy, who bit Lucy at daycare...!!” :lol:
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    I swear, it's always the grandmas :lol: I still remember this family who came on on a tour and the grandma just went on and on about how smart her grandson was, knows his letters and numbers and shapes and could even write his name at 2. She asked for him to be put into the young 3s class since he was just so advanced. That boy was so..... not advanced and got moved back to the 2s stat :lol:
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    Yeah definitely a grandma thing. My mom thinks F is a genius for sticking out her tongue after she does. I can't imagine how it's gonna be once she gets older and actually starts doing stuff lol
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    My mom also thinks E is a genius. Jury is out on P.
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    m’s school is posting curriculum online to help us follow through with his schooling while we’re out.

    I think it’d be cool if we all posted some ideas/routines for little ones. I have a feeling my creativity is going to drop off after 2wks. What are you guys doing?

    we’re currently doing zoophonics everyday, looking for signs of spring in the backyard, tracing practice, dancing for 15min a day, and reading.
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    I highly recommend the Cosmic Kids Yoga channel on YouTube for activity, S loves it!
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    I know this will get better (it haaaas to get better) but distance learning with a 6 year old is a nightmare. She needs to be walked through everything. I still need to somehow get work done. Ive had to straight up ignore D. J still has to be at work. Even though MIL is here, she cant help S because of the language barrier and she can help with D, but we dont have an office space or any place where I can hide so it doesnt really help much. I used to hide out in S's room when I had to do work, but now that she has a bunk bed, that's not possible. And our layout sucks and is kind of railroad style almost so if I hide in my room, that blocks off the kitchen and bathroom. No winning.

    I'm really glad though that I only have to navigate all of this with one child. S's friend's mom texted me feeling super overwhelmed because she has 3 young kids, her husband is at work at the hospital, and she's a teacher trying to do her work too. This is insane.
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    It is insane. You're doing your best, friend,

    I feel like I'm not doing enough for my morning toddler frens. I don't feel like I'm over-doing it - like, one simple, interesting thing per day. Today I had used paper towel tubes for them to decorate with markers to make kaleidoscopes. They decorated for like... three minutes? Then they did use them to look out the windows. Today's "soccer" lasted five minutes (while I was trying to do a call with my boss). Logically I know I'm not failing, but I feel like I'm filing.
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    @Fitz I feel like 2/3 year olds don’t need constant directives! Those sound like cute games! Maybe some things you could do while half working/half playing? Like Simon Says, or who can build the tallest lego tower contest ect?

    Also for anyone who has the ability to walk C is really into relay races right now. We find a stick and he runs it to me, I run it to A, and then A hands it back to C as he runs up. I’m sure we look insane doing this around our neighborhood, but its a fun addition to the daily walks we are trying to get in.

    (also hes 2 so imagine this ina slowish manner with lots of yelling hahaha)
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    I mean B basically played fetch with C on Friday and Saturday :lol:

    I'll keep trying. I do suggest games, but they often go "no!". We managed a little music time, finally. I have a fish game that I'm saving for later this week that I know C really loves.
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    @Fitz busytoddler on Instagram posts a bunch of activities that maybe would be good for them. I haven't looked through much, but have seen that page recommended. One person I follow made a simple obstacle course in their hallway with string and boxes and such.
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