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Discussion in 'Wellness' started by CoolWife, Mar 4, 2020.

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    Out of the loop and just now seeing about C2 - I’m sorry he needs this and how rough the last few days must have been. Glad he’s home.
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    I’m glad he’s home and I hope this is a quick stint with the tube.
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    C2 is fine. We are not dealing with huge medical issues that will impact the rest of his life. But shit guys. The intensive program 2+ hours away will take him, but there’s a 15-18mo waitlist. Well if he still won’t eat in over a year, yeah, I’ll take FMLA and move over there for the 6-8 weeks. Driving to (well back was worse) the evaluation was hell. We had to stop and change him 3 times because he was so upset he puked. Which means trying to get barf out of the car seat before putting him back in, too.
    Now today we used the last of his tube feeding supplies. They usually come on Thursday so I didn’t even think twice about it being the last ones. Yeah except this week it’ll maybe be here Saturday, just wash and reuse it until then.
    THEN he barfs all over D after IL’s let him play and crawl up the stairs and have a great time right after he finished his last feeding. So another bath and a couple hours later we decide we’ll feed him a little more, since he’s actually been losing weight again.
    The mfing tube split open. I can’t make this up. It was just going all over his helmet and me. Ew. So we had to wake him up to get the fucked up one off his face and I refused to put in another until morning. We just put it in Sunday and it was awful, we could not get it in one side of his nose. You’re supposed to switch every time.
    Oh and that intensive program. They recommended a couple more GI procedures and even going to a G-tube, which is also surgery. They won’t work with him until he quits puking, because no shit he doesn’t want to eat.
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    Jeff Goldblum CW, that sounds absolutely awful. I’m so sorry you guys are going through this. I really hope C2 gets better soon. <3
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    Jesus, just saw this. I’m so sorry, CW. Poor little buddy, and damn you all are going through it. How’s he doing today?
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    Happy AF, as usual. MIL is here taking care of him during the day.
    Still doesn’t eat - a few bites/sips a couple times a day. Had to add more calories but I think he’s finally gaining weight again.
    We’ll keep doing the feeding therapy here once a week. His supplies came, and this is just life now.
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