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Discussion in 'Wellness' started by CoolWife, Mar 4, 2020.

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    Hugs to you and sweet baby. <3
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    Poor little dude <3 I hope the new GI can help quickly and you can eat cheese again.
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    Thanks. I miss cheese but also feel like an idiot for still doing it since I have a freezer full of milk and he isn’t eating any of it. Hoping GI can give me some clarity there.
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    I’m so sorry, that’s so frustrating. I hope you can get some clarity from the GI. Poor little guy. He’s so sweet <3
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    Aww, buddy. Hope you get some clarity and a good plan on moving forward soon.
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    Aww poor C2. I’m sorry @CoolWife. I hope you get some answers at the appointment.
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    I’m sorry @CoolWife . I hope you guys have answers and everything goes in a better upward trajectory.
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    So. GI says he’s fine, they aren’t concerned about his growth at all. If he’s hydrated whatever he eats is fine. He clearly hates the formula, go ahead and put him back on breastmilk. They did offer that we could do a full month on it to for sure for sure rule out EOE or a protein allergy. But even if that’s part of it, it doesn’t seem to affect him much.
    Then his dietician is kinda mad because no docs agree with her. Which... I don’t know, man. I get that she works for that specific clinic and is familiar with how to get the best outcomes. We all agree we’d like to see him happy and gaining more. She agreed to put him back on breastmilk at least, and kind of left the fortification up to us - maybe try less to see if he’d take more, or go up if his intake is down.
    So the past two days have been so much better. Now it could just be that he was really hungry. He has good and bad days on anything. But I’m cautiously optimistic that he really did hate the taste and will eat more now. I joked that we had to show him how bad it could be so he’d appreciate me. Ofc he just barfed all over me after sucking down most of a bottle. But that also never changes.
    Now if we can just get him to take a gd nap on his own once in a while. Today he went down fine then started screaming as soon as I started hosting a meeting. So I worked the rest of the afternoon with him asleep on my lap.
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    Fingers crossed he starts eating more now! I’m glad the GI wasn’t concerned.
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    He’s actually been a lot happier and eating better since we switched him back to bm.
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    Really glad to hear that!