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    My nephew died this morning and I’m heartbroken over it. He came over for dinner last night with my MIL (he lives with her) and he helped N put the crib together. Kept saying how excited he was for his new baby cousin. Then they went home and two hours later MIL called us hysterical, saying she found him unresponsive in the bathroom and what should she do. N told her to call 911 and we raced over. We live really close so we got there as the ambulance did. They think he took some cocaine and went into cardiac arrest. EMTs worked on him for like an hour before taking him to the ER. They got his heart beating and got him breathing but only via machine and he’d been without oxygen for too long. The CT scan came back this morning with no brain activity so his mom made the decision to let him go.

    I just feel so awful, it doesn’t seem real. We JUST saw him. He’s lived with my MIL for the past 8 years and N and I have spent a lot of time with him. He was still a kid when I first met him. N’s sister had him when N was like 15 so he was still living at home for the first several years of my nephew’s life too and they’ve always had a close bond. MIL is inconsolable and I know N is devastated. He was 24.
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    I am so, so sorry. There is nothing else I can possibly say. I’m glad you were able to make so many memories. Please send N and his family my love.
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    Oh my Jeff Goldblum that is awful. I am so so sorry Kimmers. So many hugs.
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    I'm so, so sorry.

    Feel free to PM me anytime if you need to talk; I'm here.
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    As an added shock N, MIL and I had no idea that nephew was using any drugs besides smoking some pot. We found out while the EMTs were working on him; a cop went through his texts and saw references to cocaine use. Then N’s dad confirmed it (which is a whole other thing).
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    Oh my Jeff Goldblum @Kimmers I am so, so sorry.
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    Oh my Jeff Goldblum, I am so, so sorry @Kimmers. Hugs to you, N, and the rest of your family. <3<3<3
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    I'm so sorry.
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    Oh my Jeff Goldblum, I'm so sorry for your loss :sad:
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    Oh i’m So sorry for your loss
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    I am so so sorry for your family's loss, @Kimmers.
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    Oh my Jeff Goldblum @Kimmers. I'm so sorry.
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    Oh @Kimmers I am so, so sorry. For your whole family and N’s and... what a horrible, shocking tragic thing. Please take care. <3
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    I'm so sorry for your loss, and N's, and everyone who loved your nephew <3
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    I am so, so sorry Kimmers.
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    What a tragic loss. I am so sorry.
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    Oh I am so so sorry. That is such a shocking and tragic loss. <3<3<3
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    I’m so sorry for your loss. <3 <3 That’s a lot to process especially since you just saw him last night.
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    That’s so terrible. My thoughts are with your entire family. I’m so sorry.
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    I'm so, so sorry, @Kimmers. My condolences to you and your family right now.
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    Oh Jeff Goldblum, what a horrible night. My condolences to you and your family for such a tragic loss, @Kimmers .
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    @Kimmers I am so sorry for your lost. Thoughts and prayers with you & your family.
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  24. This is truly tragic, and I am so so sorry you and your family are having to go through this. Thinking of you guys <3
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    Oh Kimmers, I am so very sorry. You and N have had so much heartache, what a terrible loss when you were finally experiencing joy. My thoughts are with you, N, and everyone who loved and valued your nephew. <3
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