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    @virgo there is a also a big dehumidifier at least. I'm definitely talking to management on Tues about changing out the carpet or at least deep cleaning it all. Honestly, I'm much more concerned about the potential mold in the walls what with the unknown water source.
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    I have a story about a leak when we were in SF. Long story short, they had to rip out half the wall stuff (I don’t remember what the material was) and replace it. Maybe they should replace some of your wall stuff or at least open it up in places so the dehumidifier can dry it out on the inside.
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    There are people replacing the gutters today, tomorrow and Thursday. Originally, the owners gave basically zero notice on this happening last month (They told us at 11am on a Monday holiday which gave me no notice to move around my class hours). I had a shit fit so they cancelled it. Then I felt bad for having a shit fit and thought maybe I should’ve just not said anything and dealt with the noise. NOPE. Very glad I said something. It is SO LOUD in every single room in our apartment. There’s no way I could’ve taught through this and no way in hell would I cancel class because then I’d have to use my sick days. The owners were at least nice about it and asked if there were any school breaks coming up. I told them we had ski week in Feb (this week) so it worked out perfectly. Ryan and I are heading out of town for a few days so we’ll be gone for most of the noise.
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