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    OMJG... ok I dont know what the state's Association of Realtor's rules are for your state, or if the state itself issued guidelines - but I have a hard time imagining masks, gloves, and maybe even shoe coverings are not required.

    What the fuck with this asshat doesnt even begin to cover it. His license is potentially on the line.

    Good Jeff Goldblum like I get it, BELIEVE ME I understand. Doing my job just got a lot harder. But fucking do it!!! We all are! Goddam Im pissed.
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    Our garbage company has giant white bags (2 cubic feet) that people in homes can get for free once a year. Renters in 5+ unit buildings can also get them but have to pay. This thing is only $37 and you can put 3 large items out with it. We don’t have enough to fill the bag but we have too much for the regular garbage can so I ordered one today. It’s being dropped off on the 25th. We do have some big items to get rid of and I’m going to let the neighbors throw stuff in once we’re done. I can’t wait for all this shit to be gone from our apartment. It’s coming on the perfect day because the Ikea tv stands are being delivered that day so we can put the packing stuff in the bag and won’t even have to break it down.
  4. Zombie Llama

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    Just an FYI for the future, you can take boxes and packing material to Ikea and throw them in their giant recycling bins out front.
  5. virgo

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    Yeah but then we have to go all the way to Emeryville. It’s a pain in the ass coming from Alameda. You’d think it would be quick and easy but the way the freeways are laid out, it’s totally not. It’s just a nice coincidence that the delivery of that and the bag happen to fall on the same day.
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    Just got a notice my complex wants to do their "annual" apartment inspection on Tuesday. I put annual in quotes because they haven't done one in 3 years, and the one they scheduled with us last year they never bothered to show up for or try and reschedule.

    It's just especially pissing me off now though because it's like, is during a pandemic really the best time to do your annual inspection? They better be wearing masks at least
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    It might be worth inquiring what their protocols will be, because yeah, you don’t want someone maskless in your place.
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  8. MagnificentCat

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    I’d insist on shoe covers as well.
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  9. hellohelloagain

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    I think I'm going to contact them on Monday and verify that they will be wearing masks and shoe covers, because I don't want to deal with an argument on my doorstep about it
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  10. Zombie Llama

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    Wtf??? We aren't doing any inspections right now.

    I would inquire as to the reason and only let them in if it is a required government inpection. I would also tell them 1 person, mask, and brand new shoe covers that they put on at your doorstep. And no dilly dallying.

    Let me know if you need help arguing with them.
  11. virgo

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    So that bag I mentioned earlier in the thread came last week. It’s being picked up tomorrow so we put it out today. I did not think we had enough to fill the thing but holy crap, we have a lot of junk to get rid of. We almost filled the bag.
  12. Fitz

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    Indeed! :mrgreen:
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    Take my posthumous like.
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    And one for you too, because how perfect is this?! :lol:
  15. Imabug1002

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    We're required to have renters insurance and have it posted to our apartment portal thing as proof or they buy insurance on your behalf and charge you for it. Apparently my upload didn't take so we got charged $4.50 on Tuesday to cover the partial month until October so I went to check why and tried to upload it again. I tried 3 times before it worked. I asked J to go to the office yesterday to deal with it and he didn't. I checked today in case the charge came off or something and there is a $15 charge for October renter's insurance. WE HAVE INSURANCE! It was on there when you charged us the second time! Now I have to try to find time to go deal with it. Like I get it if they want to fight me on the $4.50, the insurance wasn't on there because their website sucks but I am not paying the $15. And I'm annoyed they send us 50 million emails for bullshit but can't send an email that's like "your insurance is going to expire, please upload an active policy or we will begin to charge you." or something like that. :jedi:
  16. virgo

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    That’s shady, Ima! I hope you don’t have to waste too much time getting the charge taken off.
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    Not a homeowner, but I figured appliance fuckups can go in here.

    Our Hayward apartment sink disposal thing stopped working months ago. It seems to be rusted frozen. I have a feeling it was slow draining while I was gone at one point, and a certain rooster ignored it and let water sit in it forever. Anyway, last time we were here, I tried using CLR and awkward scrubbing to try and get it to move again. No dice.

    Here's the fuckup. I thought I had run the water and flushed out the CLR. Uh apparently not because today I discovered the u-bend pipe has a FREAKING HOLE in it that had a CLR-stinky puddle underneath. Luckily the undersink cabinet area is covered in vinyl flooring, so it didn't leak through. So lolol@me.
  18. Lh718

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    We got tired of leaving messages, so I walked around the property until I found someone. New pipe and new garbage disposal! We'll probably get a call sometime next week from the office, lol.
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    That sucks Lh! Our disposal gets stuck if we don’t run it for a few weeks (we don’t put food scraps down the drain so that’s why so long between runnings) and Ryan figured out there’s a screw type thing underneath that you can turn and it unjams it.
  20. Lh718

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    Yeah the maintenance guy showed the routine for shaking it lose @virgo . It might have saved the old one, but honestly it was so gross that it needed replacing anyway.
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