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    My years of experience from watching The People's Court makes me think you'd just be default month to month if no new lease was signed. So you'd be required to give 30 days notice and be responsible for the full month's rent if you left into the new month... but I don't think you'd be obligated to a whole year without a signed lease
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    Hahaha that would have been my assumption too but the HOA here forbids month to month leases and the responsibility of following HOA rules is on the owner.
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    Lol so the People’s Court, while entertaining, is actually binding arbitration, not a court of law, so don’t extrapolate any of the rulings to what a court in a given state would find :). That said, if your lease says that @Chevere you should be ok but it’s always best to try to work something out!
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    Yeah, but I’d assume banning month to month is a ban for the property owner, not the tenant. They agreed to the rules and are breaking them, not you.
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    Your market is one of the worst nationwide as far as rent collection right now. I would seriously push back on the rent increase. I personally would agree to backdate it if they agrees to no rent increase.

    IIRC (not an attorney) I don't think your text is binding in FL. I think you need to have a signed lease. But I can help you look up the statute.

    I can also see if there is published data on your market if that helps you negotiate.
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    Oh I know, but they do a pretty good job of stating what the law is in whatever state the people are from, which is better than a lot of the court shows on TV lol.
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    They are now showing our house, with hole in roof, and the guy seemed stunned that no one has yet chosen to sign a lease.

    Today, just before the showing, our neighbor across the street got arrested (again), a group of people five houses down started a screaming match about someone not minding their own business (at least that's what it seemed to be about), and contractors showed up - not to fix the hole in the roof but to redo the retaining wall.

    I do not think this was the most successful showing our landlord has ever had.
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    How is this dude so bad at his job.

    He asked us to be out from 4:30-5:30. Annoying, whatever, we take the dogs for a walk and to the park. Come back at 5:30, he waves to us and drives off.

    At 5:35 a very confused young couple he'd booked for 5:30 PM arrive for their showing and knock on our door.
  10. shakespeer

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    Now when we got back he asked for us to be gone for 45 more minutes because there were two more showings and he forgot to tell us because he had “too much wine” last night.
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    Jeff Goldblum, that would be annoying even pre-pandemic when you could actually go somewhere. So much worse now though.
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    OMJG when do you get to move again?
  13. shakespeer

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    End of June! Not close enough.
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    This is really, really unnacceptable. Im sorry you are being put through this
  15. Zombie Llama

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    I would ask him if you can do virtual tours for prospects with your phone. This is what all the big landlords are doing. And it is working.
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    Lord knows this guy would probably have better luck doing this anyway....
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    If it’s less than 24 hours notice, I’d say no.
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    I’m just going to call the actual owner of our house. He’s a really reasonable and nice guy.
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    I was working on what I wanted to say when I called the owner when the leasing guy sent another e-mail cancelling the showings for today (that he hadn't told us about).

    I sent possibly the most passive-aggressive e-mail of my life pointing out we've already done 7 showings, he's gone over time by 3 (once for 45 minutes), he isn't consistently giving us 24 hours notice as required by our lease and there's a FUCKING HOLE IN OUR CEILING WITH A TRASH BAG TAPED OVER IT SINCE NOVEMBER.

    I cc'd the owner.

    Took four hours to get an e-mail back (usually takes <10 minutes) that was highly defensive but also mentioned they'd have the contractor in tomorrow morning to fix the ceiling, they'd be giving 24 hours notice with strict time ranges and that they'd limit themselves to 15 minute back-to-back showings only so suffice to say, no, the owner was not aware.
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    My landlord tried to sell the house I was renting half of while I was living there. He ended up firing the first realtor for doing the same kind of shady shit. I’d come home to cards on my table when I didn’t know they were showing it, and had randos just show up a couple times meeting a realtor I didn’t know was coming.
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    All of this is driving me crazy to hear about. I mean, every market is different but the basic decency shit is UNIVERSAL and not that hard to do?!
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    Say it all with me, friends:

    Fucking Ryan.
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    Are they being careful while walking through the place? I went to see a house with a friend to give her a second opinion last week and it sounds like all real estate showings here are very strict - everyone coming in must wear new gloves and a mask. Are they at least doing that?
  24. shakespeer

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    Do you trust fucking Ryan with that?

    (No. Clients at least seem to have been wearing masks the majority of the time, I haven't seen him do it.)
  25. Fitz

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    I don't think you should allow Ryan into your home without a mask.
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