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  1. user63

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    Oh no! :sad: that's always so tough. Good luck finding a new and even better place!
  2. Lh718

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    I'm sorry @moose . Moving is just the pits.

    I thought that I was going to have a job by now when we made plans last year, and something might still happen in the next 45 days I guess. I doubt it at this point, so we're probably going to do a 6-month renewal then move during P's winter break.
  3. Chevere

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    That sucks :sad:. Too much rapid growth this side unfortunately
  4. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    I’m honestly shocked that they think anyone is gonna pay that. Boy, bye! There are other up and coming areas that don’t cost that much.
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  5. virgo

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    That’s a big increase! Why do these places think people can all of a sudden pay that much more per month? I get they’re greedy but at the same time I don’t get it.
  6. A. Ham

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    That's horrible! Good luck finding something else.
  7. Fitz

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    Oh that sucks Moose. Hopefully you'll find something great.
  8. Erie

    Erie Florida AF

    Good lord $300 is a LOT.
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  9. JillofallTrades

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    That’s my biggest fear with my currently place. I know I’ve got a great deal for where I live and don’t want to move because they either raise the rent too much for me or decide to no longer rent out.
  10. user4917

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    That is such bullshit. I never raise the rent on current tenants - even if my costs go up I just take the loss. It costs so much more to find a new tenant! Money, time, effort... I’d always rather an existing tenant renew.

    When my parents were renting a house in FL the rent went up a ton at renewal (ours did too but not $300) so my parents bought a place instead of renewing. Then the leasing company rented the house for less than what they had been paying. So bizarre. So to make LESS money per month you now had to clean, paint, power wash, carry a month while showing the place... makes zero sense.
  11. Imabug1002

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    Yeah is the $300 a month worth losing most of your tenants and trying to get it ready for the next? I can understand raising it a little as costs go up, we've had some go up $25-$50, but $300 is ridiculous. We got a new management company this year so I'm afraid ours will go up a lot. They're already renting similar places to ours for much more than we're paying.
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  12. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    I would be totally fine if the rent went up slightly but we don’t want to be paying that huge rent increase. At this rate we will be paying more than a mortgage and it’s not worth it. Still so salty about it.
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  13. calicat

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    Ugh. That's Bay Area price hikes right there! So shitty! In the Bay Area if it's over a 6% (I think) increase they have to give a longer notice at least. Hope they gave you guys time to find something!
  14. Zombie Llama

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    @moose if you have not already, I would counter with what you are willing to pay (keeping moving costs in mind). If they aren't willing to give you a break on the monthly rate, I would ask for X number of weeks off upfront that will offset a palatable amount of the increase. You can also survey the market and then go back to them to match the deals you are seeing (or at least get close since you wouldn't have to pay moving fees).

    This is bear facts territory, but in case anyone is interested....

    It costs us $700 on average to turn a unit. And we can usually get it done in 5 days. So if the market is strong and the landlord is on their leasing game, it pays off to lose the tenant and fill it with a higher paying one. And if they are planning on selling it anytime soon, then they are very incentivized to do so because it will directly impact the sales price, which is strongly tied to current rents.

    That being said, if they do plan on selling it soon, they may be willing to give you free rent upfront to offset some of the increase while maintaining their high sales price.
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  15. Chevere

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    @moose pm if you want specifics but my side of the same neighborhood starts at far less than I saw in other areas of this side of town. It's crazy though. My rent across town was gonna go up a ton too
  16. shakespeer

    shakespeer Basic Pirate Lesbian Aesthete

    Found a room to sublet for the month of July when I have to be up north. It's more than I wanted to spend given the double rent, but it's safe, close to the hospital and has a rooftop deck.
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  17. Lh718

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    Okay, so it's been almost a week and no pics of said deck yet @shakespeer .

    Two things in LH's world of rents. Fresno rents are obviously much lower, and it also works out that the hospital is in a nice part of town. The apartments I'm looking at are so much nicer than ours PLUS bigger PLUS OMJG why is my life always the opposite of what I want it to be. I mean part of the price is living in Fresno, so there is that.

    Neither we nor our management can read dates because I just today realized that our lease has the wrong years for our rental period but the correct one for signing. We apparently leased from Sept 2017 - July 2018 and signed said lease in August 2018. I was wondering why we hadn't received our renewal notice yet.
  18. Zombie Llama

    Zombie Llama Ain't no corn bitch

    Some of you know we are living in a furnished place short term. Our downstairs neighbors are moving out, and our landlady offered us the apartment for a steal! I am so excited to get my stuff out of storage!
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  19. virgo

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    That’s awesome ZL!!
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  20. Lh718

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  21. A. Ham

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    While we were away a command hook holding up a picture fell and took a 1 inch chip of paint with it. I am thinking with paint prices it is just best to let them ding us a little on the security deposit? We did have written permission for the hook so I don't know if this will just fall under normal wear and tear or what.
  22. hellohelloagain

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    How long have you lived there?
  23. Rico Suave

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    I miss my house. :sad:
  24. A. Ham

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    2 years and will be 3 when we leave most likely
  25. Lh718

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    I'm so sorry @Rico Suave . Hopefully y'all find an even better one very soon.

    I am so irritated with our mgt office. It is now officially late July, and three requests still hadn't gotten our renewal terms to us as of yesterday. I finally went it and sat down with someone to go over the problem.

    Them: your lease started in Sept.
    Me: yes...?
    Them: so that means it's not due to end until the end of Aug.
    Me: we have an 11 month lease.
    Them: oh the computer says--
    Me: cool, but look at our lease.
    Them: (huffy) okay, just a sec.
    Them 5 sec later: (oops face) there was apparently a mistake in our system.
    Me: I've been saying we have an 11 month lease with every request. You never looked?
    Them: we'll have the renewal terms for you shortly.