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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by android, Dec 2, 2015.

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    We have a thread for venting, so why not one where we rave about awesome stuff in our lives, or brag about our accomplishments!

    Tell us about it so we can be proud of you :)

  2. android

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    Because I have no shame, I'll start it off.

    Can I talk about how much I love my job right now? I've honestly never felt this fulfilled at work, I feel like I'm finally on the right track and can see a path of growth career-wise that I never thought I'd achieve, especially since my degree has nothing to do with my work experience (I have a BA in theater)

    I think I mentioned this but I sat down with my boss a few months ago and told him how happy I was at X Company but that I wanted more responsibility. I was hired as Office Manager which is where my experience is but I am trying to go in a more HR focused direction. I've spearheaded our benefits upgrade and have made a lot of positive changes, including creating our onboarding process from scratch.

    Just recently I have become much more hands-on in recruiting and hiring, I am now actively involved in responding to candidates during the process (I've gotten to reject 3 people who have had interviews already) and I coordinate interview debriefing meetings, among other things. In January I am most likely going on a college recruiting trip to UC Davis with our VP of Engineering and 2 eng alumni (for 2 nights!) and I am super excited.
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  3. I love this idea! I've done nothing exceptionally brag-worthy lately, but next time I'm totally killing it at life, I'll know where to come!

    Also, congrats, Droid! I'm so happy you're feeling fulfilled in your career. I was just talking with J about this today too; it's the first time in my life that I'm bewildered that my job is actually a job. More often than not I just go in and have fun. I often forget that I'm actually being paid to work there. Plus it's the first time in life I've never gone home and said "I hate my job."
  4. android

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    Nothing bragworthy except rising up and getting away from A, you mean! That's worth quite a bit!
  5. user4030

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    That's awesome, Droid & Bong! Having a rewarding job is definitely something worth raving about. That's what I'm working on, I get to start volunteering at an occupational therapy office soon, and I'm really excited.

    Also by the way, if you haven't been before Davis is a really cute town. Lots of bicycles.
  6. Imabug1002

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    I love this! Mainly because I like talking about myself! I had something exciting happen to me at work and everyone I work with basically made fun of it for it. Except my old boss, he agreed it was awesome but said not everyone is as nerdy about SAP as we are. Basically, I got to meet with the VPs of the company buying us, one of then being the Supply Chain VP (my department), I started asking him about their SAP usage for planning and how we use the system already/things we need for planning. This was the first week in September. Apparently he was meeting with our IT team 2 weeks ago about system integration stuff and brought me up, by name, and some of my ideas/things I said we needed and how we need to figure out how to do them!! Of course the IT guys told me right away and also talked about how they worked with me on integration stuff before. I was pretty pumped. I met the guy for like 2 hours and we didn't talk a whole lot but he remembered me and my ideas and liked them!! I've been super nervous about our company being sold because I was afraid of losing my job but that helped reaffirm that I have a chance in the new company and might be able to get back to implementation work which I love! My coworkers can make fun of my now but they will be thanking me later when we have a bomb ass SAP setup!

    Bong and Droid, so glad the jobs are being awesome. I also feel like I have such a better work life balance when I enjoy and look forward to work! Even if I'm still doing the same amount of hours/work!
  7. Fitz

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    Being happy at work is SO important. I remember when I left my first job, which was incredibly stressful. A few months later I realized that I no longer got headaches nearly as often as I had at that job.

    I had my annual review right before Thanksgiving and was kind of nervous. I'd taken on a few additional projects in the absence of the person who reports directly to me, and this fall I really just felt off my game between that, stuff with my grandmother being so up in the air, and taking on additional responsibilities with an organization I volunteer for. I finally feel like I'm back in my groove, but I made some mistakes that I don't normally make. My boss's review was glowing. I was so pumped!
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    Congrats, Android! When you take your recruiting trip, stop by the Davis Beer Shoppe. It might be my husband's favorite place in the greater Sacramento area.
  9. nym711

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    Yay, Droid! I really enjoy all the logistics with hiring and recruiting. I'm starting an MSHR program in January because my degree is in history. I get three classes of tuition waived per academic year so why not? It was really nice to see $1500 exempt on my account. Right this moment, I'm doing data entry though.
  10. android

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    Thanks for the tip! I'll have no problem convincing my coworkers that we should stop, they all love beer.

    I'm glad so many other people are kicking butt at work too!
  11. BigFatGoalie

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    My mom got a new job. It comes with a $20k pay hike.

    She never made much as she was a high school drop out, so this is huge for her. I'm really happy for her. And with my dad retired and nearing 80, it's nice to know she'll be okay financially.
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  12. Fitz

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    Wow, that's incredible BFG! Go Momma Goalie!
  13. nym711

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    That's great, BFG!!!
  14. android

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    Yay BFG that's awesome!
  15. Imabug1002

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    Yay mamma BFG!
  16. Erie

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    That's awesome!!
  17. calicat

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    Awesome sauce for everyone. Not much to brag about here. I've lost 10lbs since September and want to lose another 10, so I guess there's that. BUT it makes me very happy to read all the great things you are all doing!
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    @calicat That's a big brag! I was looking at my Fitbit info, and I have lost 8 lbs since July. My weight lost has slowed down significantly, but as long as I am going down and not up, I'm happy. Big brag -- it's 25 lbs since February.
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    @android I'm really happy for you. Are you still getting to do any costuming work here and there?

    I got laid last night. You're a bunch of married chicks, so you know where to find it, but it was the highlight of MY week. :p
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  20. CoolWife

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    Lol, red. My D is gone for a while so I'm a little jealous.
  21. Can I brag about my awesome kind-of-boyfriend? I'm remarkably happy with him. He drove an hour and a half to my work to help me set up sound equipment. He stayed for the whole rehearsal to mic the kids all properly, gave them theatre tips and a pep talk, helped me control the volume of the class (by bribing my 6th grade boys with a peek at his super cool car), and was just generally exceptionally supportive of me in my career. It's super early in this relationship to get too serious, but he could most definitely transition into a boyfriend. He's coming again Monday to help me mic my choirs and my K-2nd graders for their musical.
  22. nym711

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  23. Badger87

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    Yay for awesome stuff happening to all the chickens! I love hearing about all the good stuff!

    I got a temporary job but, I'm keeping my fingers crossed it becomes permanent. I have my own cubicle and computers. Anyone who knows me well knows that my dream is my own cubicle that I can decorate.
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    BFG that's great!
    Get you some, Red.
    Aww, Bong, he sounds really sweet.
  25. I finally finished the blanket order I've been working on for 6 months. They took me forever. And now I can move onto projects I actually want to do.