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    @virgo Hey, we’re Lake Washington school district!

    Cost of living-wise, on the Eastside you won’t have sticker shock coming from the Bay Area. Bellevue and Lake Washington (includes Kirkland and Redmond) are both tech-heavy areas, and while culture-wise a bit dull also safe quiet areas, and if you want interesting culture stuff you’re close to Seattle. I’ve been really happy with the experience we’ve had in Lake Washington so far. Everett is going to be more affordable; unfortunately I don’t know much about that area. Some people even commute to the areas you mentioned from Everett, but it’s a fuck of a commute. I imagine that just by nature of socioeconomics you will have more parent involvement and high maintenance parents in Lake Washington and Bellevue, but those are districts that will value the STEM subjects, so do that cost-benefit analysis. I can give you more specifics if you have a better idea of where you’ll end up.
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    Thank you fish!! We’re flying up in December to check out different neighborhoods. We’re staying in the hotel that’s in downtown Kirkland. That area looks really cute. I’m longing for peace and quiet so that whole Lake Washington area sounds great. The highest paying districts I’ve found are Mukilteo and Shoreline which might be crappy commutes from the Kirkland area. I don’t know the commute direction (or if there is one. The bay area doesn’t have one anymore. It’s just traffic both directions now). The Bellevue district pays well. Lake Washington isn’t bad but it’s definitely not as high as the others. I read through their contract though and like what I saw so they’re still definitely on my list. Once we know for sure where we’ll be, I’ll let you know. I’ll probably message you on FB.
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    Awesome! We’re in Kirkland, so when you come we’ll have to hang out :)
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