Please stop, Carol.

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  1. Tina Belcher

    Tina Belcher Formerly Wtfgia

    I wonder what percentage of this shenanigans is on Carol? Like do people come to her with these ideas and she turns them up to 11, or is she just there for the money and lulz?
  2. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    If the shot is the client's idea and you don't really like it, you deliver it to them and never speak of it again. You don't feature it on your website portfolio and social media posts.

    I 100% do not share shots (or entire sessions) that I don't like. Because that just leads to booking more of the stuff you don't like.
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  3. user4030

    user4030 Chicken

    That's what I figured. Sometimes you're obligated to do a blog post and share one picture on Facebook because you do that for everyone, but that's not what happened here.
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  4. JillofallTrades

    JillofallTrades Chicken

    When this is one of her ads for senior shots?
  5. Cashmere Bandit

    Cashmere Bandit Minion moocher

    Those pantyhose are a very off-putting shade.
  6. Zoomzoom

    Zoomzoom Old Curmudgeon

    What pantyhose?
  7. user4030

    user4030 Chicken

    I think that's just the lighting.
  8. Cashmere Bandit

    Cashmere Bandit Minion moocher

    I'm... not sure if that's better or worse.
  9. Tina Belcher

    Tina Belcher Formerly Wtfgia

    I thought they were panty hose too.
  10. MagnificentCat

    MagnificentCat Chicken

    That pose. Whyyyy? Is she about to climb the post?
  11. Pickles

    Pickles Chicken

    I just want to know why there's so much advertising for sexualizing the hell out of teens. Not something to be proud of.

    The woman with the plant made me lol though.
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  12. Afishwish

    Afishwish Bramblebutt

    I mean, that one picture almost seems like it's not advertising photography. More like "you like this grad? Book her".
  13. shakespeer

    shakespeer Basic Pirate Lesbian Aesthete

    Mediocre secretarial skills, top fourth wife potential.
  14. HBC

    HBC Chicken

    She can already ask to speak to a manager with the best of them, though.
  15. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    Or the UK equivalent...which is asking in a complaint for the complaint to be 'escalated'. WHERE TO, LADY??
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  16. Imabug1002

    Imabug1002 Chick pee

    The Queen. Duh.
  17. A. Ham

    A. Ham Chicken

    :lol::lol: Off topic...but I saw someone in the UK spouse visa facebook group suggest to another waiting on a visa to contact the Queen or Duchess Kate to see if they can advocate to the visa office for this random application to be sped up. Yeah, I'm sure they care.
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  18. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    Camilla might have the time. Nobody's writing to her.
  19. virgo

    virgo Chicken

    That last pic is so fucking awkward. Her foot is falling off the side of the wall.
  20. nettysgirl

    nettysgirl Ultrawhore

    Could "Carol's Photography" be a front for "Carol's Barely-18 Bois & Girls"?
  21. Inna Minnit

    Inna Minnit Chicken

    The girl in the first two photos... maybe her right leg doesn't work. It seems to be in the exact position in both photos.
  22. Zoomzoom

    Zoomzoom Old Curmudgeon

    Carol's Photography showed up in my Facebook feed again so I decided to take a look through her blog to see what she's been up to. Terrible photography as per usual.


    Posing with his favourite thing?
    Regina-Yorkton-Wedding-photographer-Swan-River-wedding-10-2008x1242.jpg Regina-wedding-photographer-7-groomsmen-having-fun-on-a-bed-at-reginas-stone-hall-castle.jpg
    What is she doing?
    I approve of this one. Naps are always good.
  23. NerdLady

    NerdLady Chicken

    I support pre wedding naps.
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  24. nym711

    nym711 THIS IS MY LIFE NOW

    I also support wedding naps.
  25. user4030

    user4030 Chicken

    The nap between the reception and after party was one of the best parts of my wedding day.