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  1. Honey

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    Post the funny things you hear while eavesdropping paying attention to your surroundings.

    3-year-old, as a police car drives by: There sure are a lot of po-po around here.
  2. virgo

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    The other day in class, my kids were watching 2 versions of the 3 little pigs so we could compare/contrast. They had headphones on (watching on Chromebooks) and one of my 4th graders made his own narration. All of a sudden I hear “He’s like “I’m gonna fuck you up”. Now, I’m a horrible person and I thought it was hilarious but I still had to take him outside and have a talk.
  3. redredrose

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    On the 1 train not long ago this little ginger boy was telling everyone who would listen: "This is my dad! And we have the same color hair!"
  4. allmaple

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    If you have time to peruse this site, I recommend looking at http://overheardatwestern.blogspot.com They stopped updating years ago, but still entertaining. Gives you some insight in to the type of people that went to the university in my home town. And no, I didn't go to school here.

    I submitted one of the Overheards so it counts for here :p
  5. Honey

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    Yeah, there used to be a network of sites (Overheard in New York, Overheard at Work, Overheard Everywhere, etc.) that were pretty funny and active, but are now only updated sporadically at best.
  6. allmaple

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    I went through and found the post I submitted:

    Girl #1: His profile said one of his favourite books is the Kama Sutra.
    Girl #2: Oh, isn't that Hitler's book?
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  8. lrrr

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    What goes on under mein kampforter is no one's business.
  9. HBC

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    Mein Kama Sutra!
  10. user4290

    user4290 North of the Boarder

    I was at Western during that sites hay day. I submitted a few things. I remember one of my posts getting a lot of comments from people who thought I had made it up
  11. allmaple

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    None of them were too outrageous to believe an actual Western student said them!

    I don't know why, but whenever I answer the phone at work it is always a crazy person. Here's a recent conversation I had:

    lady: Yeah, I just have a question. So, with Guinea Pigs is it ok to touch the babies? Because I think the mom is like, dying or something.
    me: Ma'am, I think you have bigger problems right now than whether or not you can touch the babies. Please take the mom to a vet.
  12. Fitz

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    I miss Overheard in New York, that was great. So was Texts from Last Night.
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  13. nym711

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    Student: Did you know all the buses don't take the same route? I got on one thinking it was going to take me to the gym because I saw a bunch of them stopped there once. It went right pass the gym on the wrong side. I got off where I got on.
  14. user4092

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    Wait, what? Lol
  15. nym711

    nym711 THIS IS MY LIFE NOW

    I'm on a college campus. Many of the undergrads have never used a bus before. There is a lot to overhear here.
  16. NerdLady

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    I overheard a guy in Barnes and Noble telling his girlfriend that Radiohead was the original performer of Wish You Were Here and that Pink Floyd was just a cover band...
  17. Honey

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    I wish you had then overheard her say, "I don't think we should see each other anymore."
  18. NerdLady

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    It looked like a first date/ trial run, honestly. They didn't seem that comfortable together. She probably didn't know what she'd gotten into yet.
  19. Imabug1002

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    "There's not a lot that will affect them, expect for the things that are changing." No shit, you were just asked what the changes would be in that area.
  20. Imabug1002

    Imabug1002 Chick pee

    At the DMV:
    Son: she's the easiest test giver, I heard she lets you hit the curb 4 times, you shouldn't be allowed to hit it at all.
    Dad: yeah, let's not count on that and just not hit the curb...

    I'm pretty sure you can't hit the curb 4 times during your driver's test.
  21. CoolWife

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    In Target, a woman to her whole family: "Hashtag no filter!!"
  22. One of the girls I work with was talking to her sister and came out with this-

    I thought of a subtle way to attack him. We'll just get a heap of cats and throw them at him.
  23. user4030

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    Some kid at Universal: "A hippogriff is a cross between a griffin and a horse, which are natural enemies, so it's the ultimate symbol of love!"

    Aww, but sorry kid, that's stupid. Hippogriffs are 0% lion, that doesn't make sense. You're cute though.
  24. Honey

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    But the kid didn't say anything about lions.
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  25. Griffins are part lion.