October Horror Challenge 2020!

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  1. Vespidae

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    Come in, if you dare.

    Because everyone is stuck at home living their own personal horrors right now, (including me so pardon the slightly late start), it is appropriate that this year's theme is the haunted house.


    Scoring: You get two points for watching any movie that you have never seen before. One point for watching a movie that you have seen. Watch any three shorts for 2 points. To count for points, the movie must have the "horror" genre tag on IMDb. The game ends at midnight on Halloween.

    Movie of the Month: Finally, finally, I have a justifiable, legitimate reason to make people watch the ultimate haunted house masterpiece, The Haunting. The 1999 version, don't mess this up. You will get five points for watching it, but this movie is so great I know you don't need that incentive.

    Bonus categories are simple this year, but I often think that and end up in weird debates anyway, so I guess we'll see.

    The Call is Coming from Inside the House: If your movie is set in a haunted house, you get an extra point.

    Ghost Stories: Curl up somewhere comfortable and read a book. I am going to give you three points for reading a scary story! Just one time though, this is supposed to be a film challenge after all. And I won't be a dick about page limits, but a single short story is too short. I'm thinking somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100 pages or so.

    And that's it! For weird debates, see @Honey and myself. Have fun!
  2. Honey

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    New Views | Movie of the Month* | Ghost Stories | Inside the House

    1. Hereditary (2018)
    2. Profondo Rosso (1975)
    3. The Love Witch (2016)
    4. The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
    5. The Haunting (1999)*
    6. Train to Busan (2016)
    7. Ready or Not (2019)
    8. We Summon the Darkness (2019)
    9. Prom Night (1980)
    10. The Blair Witch Project (1999)
    11. The Babysitter: Killer Queen (2020)
    12. House of the Witch (2017)
    13. Vampires vs. the Bronx (2020)
    14. Poltergeist (1982)

    Total: 31

    Fuck you very much for the book thing because I just read Carrie and Rosemary’s Baby last month. :lol:
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  3. hallokween

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    - Never seen before
    - Movie of the Month
    - Haunted House


    1. Annabelle Comes Home (2019) - 3
    2. Ready or Not -2
    3. Spellbinder (1988) -2
    4. The Stepfather (2009) -2
    The Grudge (2020) -3
    6. Child's Play (2019) -2
    7. The Wretched (2019) - 2
    8. Goodnight Mommy (2014) -2
    9. The Prodigy (2019)-2
    10. Ghost Stories (2017) -2
    11. Little Monsters (2019) -2
    12. Doctor Sleep (2019) - 2
    13. US (2019) - 2
    Books of Blood (2020) -3
    15. Trick 'R Treat (2009) - 2
    15. Sinister -1
    16. Friday the 13th (2009) -2
    17. The Autopsy of Jane Doe - 2
    Thir13en Ghosts - 2
    19. The Haunting (1999) - 5

    Total: 45
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  4. Vespidae

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    Saving my spot.

    1. The Grudge (2020) - 3
    2. Truth or Dare (2017) - 3
    3. Our House (2018) - 3
    4. Truth or Dare (2019) - 1
    5. House (1986) - 3
    6. Itsy Bitsy (2019) - 2 (Denise effing Crosby y'all!)
    7. The Woman in Black (2012) - 2
    8. The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad (1949) - 2

    Total: 19
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  5. Vespidae

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    Lol never start early. :lol:
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  6. Honey

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    Putting this out there for a future year's bonus category: Hitchcocktober
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  7. Vespidae

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  8. Honey

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    The good indie cinema is gearing up to reopen at 25% capacity, and kicking off with 4-5 Hitch movies tomorrow. I'm annoyed because they're only showing Vertigo once, but The Birds like several times a day, every day this week.
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  9. Vespidae

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    Sounds like someone on staff has a preference. :lol:

    I will say I've seen Vertigo only once and was like "wtf did I just watch?!" after, so maybe that is contributing to their choices?

    Now I think I need to watch Strangers on a Train again.
  10. Aw Pigley

    Aw Pigley Chicken

    I don't know if I'll get much in this month but it's a start! :witch:

    1. It Chapter Two (2019) - 2

    Total: 2
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  11. Honey

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    I’ve been thinking that too because I recently saw Throw Momma from the Train for the first time.

    Watched Argento’s Profondo Rosso for the first time last night. Methinks Tarantino owes that movie quite a lot.

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  12. lrrr

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    The Haunting should be in the comedy category imo.

    Argento's movies are so bizarre - I dig them.
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  13. Vespidae

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  14. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    I remember hating Owen Wilson a lot more in previous viewings of The Haunting. Was I too hard on his character before, or am I just desensitized to shitbag men now?
  15. Vespidae

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    I still hate him every time, but I hate him largely because of that movie so I don't know if that has an effect.
  16. Honey

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    I'm watching Prom Night and what kind of idiot gives a high school senior a C3 Stingray? Wendy's parents should be murdered for wasting a Corvette on their daughter.
  17. Honey

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    FFS when does the horror happen in this fucking movie?
  18. Honey

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    Also every boy in this movie has the same dopey face and Christopher Atkins haircut and I can't tell any of them apart.