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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by CoolWife, Jul 7, 2016.

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    First World Problems is played out, so - not even problems. Problems of privilege, if you will.

    I think I want to fire our cleaning lady but I don't know if my expectations are unrealistic. Also I hate firing people.

    Background: our house is about 1250 sq ft, a 3-bed 2-bath ranch. We are slobs. We try to keep shit put away but there's a lot of our stuff that's always just, there. I paid her $160 to deep clean when she started and $75 every two weeks. Shit got out of hand when C was born so I was ok paying someone to just clean it all and now keep it clean.

    My issues: I had to ask her to clean the baseboards and the master shower after she "deep cleaned." Her response was she got some of them. Today (she was there yesterday) I can see that the master shower is still scummy all around the outside of the bottom. She usually just shoves all my toiletries to one side of the counter, but yesterday didn't even pick up/move a couple pairs of earring that had fallen off my earring hanger thing. There is a small drawer cart in our bedroom. It used to have my breast pump on it but now it's just blocking the dog and baby from getting at my nightstand. She never moves it to vacuum. She also didn't move the nightstands to vacuum when she deep cleaned, so it's still super dusty behind them. I'm also almost certain she never picks up rugs when she mops. C stuck a rattle under his rug in his nursery and it was still there after she cleaned. The bathroom mat is always wet afterwards, and the front hall rug was still crooked.
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    Check out

    The professionals vary but if you find one you are satisfied with you can request them for the next time.

    As for your current cleaner, I would bring up specific examples like lifting the rugs, etc and show her. If she doesn't improve, then you fire her.
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    That's just fucking lazy. She'd be re-cleaning for free and then fired if it were me. Do you have Molly Maid where you are?
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    I'm sure we do. I think I'll look for a service instead.
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    I haven't hired a cleaning service because I truly don't think anyone could douche my house up to my standards. I am militant.

    However, our landscapers totally half-assed it this year and I def. made them come back and fix it. However, I did tip them the first time around, so maybe I was just paying in advance?
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    I wouldn't say your expectations are too high. I don't know the standards of most cleaning services, but I would say that baseboards are for sure a deep cleaning thing. I might even expect them to be cleaned once a month from my regular cleaning lady (although ours are flat tops and totally obvious when they collect dust).

    And moving things like coffe tables, carts, and rugs are standard for me when you're doing the floors.
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    I agree, your expectations are very realistic and it sounds like she's just being lazy. I'd go over your list of complaints with her, give her one (maybe two if you're feeling generous) visits to correct your complaints and then fire her. You have nothing to feel bad about if you give her a chance to correct the problem.
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    @calicat I like Handy but it's such a crapshoot. We use them for our weekly office cleaning and while one guy we've used several times is amazing, he isn't always available. The other people we've had have been just ok to downright terrible. One person didn't even show up but checked into the app like he was here anyway.
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    yeah, I have had success with most, but there are some I didn't like so I request the one I prefer. We only do it once a month so it's usually not a problem. The last guy there is a butthole!
  10. nym711

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    My not even problem is that is not offered in my area.
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    I also used Handy when I moved and the people I got were so great. Just a couple of regular dudes but they worked really hard and one of them even went above and beyond and insisted that he disassemble and then reassemble my Ikea bed for me. I tipped them really well and gave them pizza too.
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    My father in law won't buy me saffron to cook with.

    I can't even.
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  14. CoolWife

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    No here either. Seems like a good idea though!
  15. user4030

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    We find our cleaners (no one regular but MIL pays when she's coming to visit) on either Angie's List or Yelp. We probably have Handy, but I was happy with the most recent people, who were on Yelp. I think has a section for housekeepers too.
  16. NerdLady

    NerdLady Chicken does have a section like that. I had one very temporary job getting groceries and doing light cleaning for a disabled lady when she first moved here and was waiting for her daughter to move in with her to help her. It was only one weekend, but they do have a section for that.
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    For those of you who are home while the cleaning people are there, what do you do while they're working?

    I feel mighty bourgeois just watching TV or studying while they clean my bathroom, but I'm not sure what to do. Sometimes I'll do laundry (either sorting or washing).
  18. Avocado

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    My aunt has a cleaning lady every Wednesday and when I was living with her I would bake or do laundry or organize and clear out the pantry/cupboards/fridge. When I baked I offered her some after she was done as a nice little token of appreciation for helping us.
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    She comes while we're at work. D was home this week and he left to run some errands. The first time she came he hid in the basement.
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    My not even a problem is that M and I keep fighting about the air conditioner. He is both frugal and very concerned about the environment, so he never wants to use it. While I certainly care about those things, I don't want to be sweating in my sleep and constantly waking up because I'm too hot. We get our energy from a wind farm, so it's not even that bad for the environment. I also have terrible allergies, and my doctor said to keep all the windows closed. Every single day, M asks if we can turn off the AC and open the windows instead. He also puts the AC on econ mode and sets it to 78 when he leaves in the morning, which I think makes the apartment too hot for our cat. To me, setting it to 76 and cool mode so that there is constant air circulation is totally reasonable. I am at the end of my rope with this stupid issue.
  21. rainbowkite

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    What about a fan? That has improved our quality of sleep dramatically. I totally get the waking up hot etc and can't open windows here either because bugs (plus it's hot outside anyway). We turn on the AC for a while as we settle into bed, then turn it off once the room is cool and leave the fan on for sleeping.
  22. MagnificentCat

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    You need to run that thing. With building envelops tightening up, you have to get air exchanges or CO2 builds up. We had an issue in one building where students were getting sleepy because the fresh air intake was down to something insane like 5%. The objective was energy efficiency, but the result was an unhealthy indoor environment.

    I know you saw he's frugal, but if he's that concerned about the energy needs for the AC, y'all should look at a high efficiency AC like a 16 or 20 SEER. The 20 is pretty much the top of the line for residential, and higher numbers use a 2 stage cooling method so they're not running at 100% when the outside air isn't boiling. The higher the SEER number, the less energy it uses to do the same job.

    I think the industry standard right now is a minimum of a 14 SEER for new construction, but don't take my word on it. Anyway, y'all might want to check on what the SEER rating is for the unit you have right now. That might make you both happy.
  23. Honey

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    JFC 76°F is sweltering. There's no way I could sleep if our room was that hot.
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    A and I had this same argument. He would go behind me and change the thermostat, and all I wanted was 75 at night, 78 in the day (plus ceiling fans). I finally snapped and said I have a right to a comfortable home and I make just as much (more actually) than he does so its OUR money and OUR house not HIS and I need to be able to live. It was probably a disproportional freakout for the issue but he has not touched the thermostat since (and claims he did not realize I was that uncomfortable/it was that big of a deal). Its bullshit to make you sweat at night though, he can get the hell over it.
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    We're the opposite - I try to keep our system cool but not freezing, and B kept putting it way down to 62-64. Last week it kicked out, and was blowing air but it wasn't cool at all. AC repairman asked B what temp we keep it at, and B mentioned he liked it low. AC man was like, "OH NO dude, you want it at 68-72." And B admitted I was right, which I felt very satisfied with.
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