New trend in wedding photography?

Discussion in 'Photobombs' started by MissM, Jun 22, 2014.

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    Eule said..

  2. :::quietly snickering at my desk at "thigh meat.":::
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    Ohhh okay. I thought she was defending the photos specifically. Yeah, calling them names is horrible.
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    This cannot be a real trend. Just a handful of attention-whore outliers (none who have friends with poor body image - and what are the odds? In our shitty society, nil.) hogging Pinterest etc. These are the bishes who'd kick a BM out of the party for being pregnant.

    The last wedding I went to (Boho-chic! Rustic! Chalkboards! I Like You! Visible tats! Mason jars, but only for the flowers!), I gushed that "Pinterest threw up all over it" (and this is a compliment, BTW, because it was them and they made it work), but that was Pinterest last year. Go look at the "popular" stuff on Pinterest now and it's pan-fried shit.
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    That's me on the left. "I can't believe this but I'll play along with my ass away from the camera.
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    Now that I see CW's picture, I can totally see a friend of mine doing this for her wedding later this summer. She dances burlesque, though. Her entire life is a no-pants party.
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    I often think about (which is probably weird) my grandchildren if I have any, when it comes to pictures. Which is why I don't do selfies in the shitter.

    To me, this is the epitome of "klassy" bride, and extra trashtastic. Can't even keep your pants on for your goddamn wedding day, JFC. There is LITRALLY nothing sacred left or anything we won't do for the camera, these days.
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    I think I read in some comments that the bare ass picture was part of a porno, so NOT a real wedding picture! Also explains why they have porn star bodies lol
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    CW, that’s quite the picture. The redhead on the right side of the bride doesn’t look very pleased to be taking that photo either. The one next to you looks like she just farted and is pushing it as far away from her as possible. The one at the other end balances you out since she’s showing her entire ass. :lol:
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    FTR I got that from the article, that's not actually me. I just lol'd at her because that's what I'd do.
  12. It's like, "hey, here's the ass the groom's getting later. And the ass some rando might get if the BMs get buzzed up adequately."
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    Ah ok. I wasn’t sure if that’s what you meant or if it was really you.
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    Not funny, kind of gross and way too forced.
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    So...weird. Why take these kinds of pictures at all..let alone for your wedding!
  17. Erie

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    I think I'm going to go with "because Russia" on that one (judging from the letters there)...could also be Ukrainian or some other similar Cyrillic language area...but "because Russia".
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    I totally get silly pictures and strange humor being caught on film. However, like Owl said, there's a time and place. I mean shouldn't your wedding be one of the more meaningful and dignified events in your life? I don't mean that it has to be serious 100% of the time, but showing your asses? Posing like you're peeing? That's really how you want to remember this momentous occasion?
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    Not gonna lie, I want to recreate this photo at our wedding:


    It's ok because everyone is fully clothed right?
  20. TaterTot

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    Mapes, that's just really well done. I 100% would participate in that photo.
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    That Photoshop is amazing. I would certainly participate in a run from the shark photo!
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    I like the T. Rex photo too
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    Agreed, I want the run from T-rex photo.
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    No sharks in my wedding pictures unless it's a Sharknado.
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    Oh, I definitely wanted to do some sort of crazy Star Wars Photoshop, but I didn't want to make the bridal party do some crazy faces.