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  1. Fitz

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    Wee Sing! I haven't thought about them in for-eva.
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  2. Zoomzoom

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    Gave Taylor Swift's new album a listen and it's very different from her other recent stuff!
  3. user4917

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    I really love it. It’s really different but it’s great mood music.
  4. Zoomzoom

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    It's outside my typical tastes in music, but surprisingly I'm digging it.
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  6. Lh718

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    So I have an "embarrassingly way too old to have just figured this out" story.

    We're watching My Name is Earl. The last episode we watched had "Werewolves of London" in it. Suddenly I'm singing "Sweet Home Alabama." WTF just happened?? I asked Patrick for the actual title of what I had been calling "the aaaWOOOOOO" song. He tells me and starts singing it.

    Record scratch.

    What. the. FUCK. are you even singing?? I don't know any - EHHHHHH NEEEEEEE - of those words. This song isn't about random werewolf shit...right? How do I know aaaWOOOOO then?

    Googles werewolves london sweet alabama. Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Kid Rock?!? Clicks.

    Oh. Ohhhhh. OH.
  7. Honey

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    I’m sorry that song worked its way back into your consciousness. Nobody should be re-traumatized like that.
  8. Lh718

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    Have you ever really listened to the "if you like pinata coladas" song?? These people are stupid AF and make terrible partners. They need to stay together forever and not inflict themselves on unsuspecting decent folk.