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    Ok, hear me out.

    The Sonic movie was actually pretty good! I originally said I wouldn't pay for it and would wait for it to show up on HBO/Starz but since it's been slim pickings for new movies we rented it last night. I know a lot of the outrage was over how horrifying the animation was but since they fixed it to look the same as the Sonic we all know and love from the video game it was actually pretty cute!
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    I wanted to watch Just Mercy today but W ended up falling asleep for the afternoon :sad:
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    We watched Instant Family. It was actually really good and funny throughout. Would recommend.
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    Do the cast and crew making bad movies know it sucks? Against my better judgement I watched Scorpion King Book of Souls. I liked Zack McGowan when he was on Black Sails so thought I’d at least enjoy seeing him in something else. I did not.
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    Found The Swan Princess on a random streaming app. I really needed this tonight.
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    I cannot believe this is the first time this registered. We're watching the 2009 Star Trek for the billionth time. The scenes where they're building a starship in Iowa...wait. Based on the overall Star Trek universe timeline and episodes/movies that are set before this movie, Star Fleet has space ports in which they build and repair ships. WTF @ building at least this one ship on Earth where, I'm pretty sure, gravity makes logistics more complicated??

    Kinda messed up my experience for the short term cuz that's a big question to me. Another one - aside from fan service, why the hell is James Kirk's middle name not George? Or hell why not his first name? You know, after the father that died saving not only him but 800 other people.