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    Just keep being firm and consistent with routine and she will re-adjust. Travel throws them off! Bedtime will keep throwing new challenges at you so set boundaries and hold to them as best you can (as an example, J doesn't sleep in our bed, that's the rule - it sucks when we have to get up to take him back to bed and settle him again but it maintains that boundary). Adjust accordingly when needed, just maintain consistency and communicate every step to her too. Even at almost 5 we still have to discuss every single step of the evening routine every single night and lots of time warnings, planned ignoring, etc to get to the end.
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    Both my kids went through this, starting at around that age. M grew out of it pretty quickly for the most part. L still hasn't really grown out of it but it's not consistently every night any more. No advice, but in my experience it's normal/a phase (with an unknown end date).
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    thank you all for your advice and commiserations. Last night I managed to get her down with only 2 additional re-laying downs. I should add that right after we got back from the vacation she was impossible to put to sleep AND to keep asleep...she'd wake up screaming for me in the middle of the night. So we have progressed from that, but I don't want this to become a new pattern.

    I'm also a bit worried that its because I'm a bad mom and don't spend enough dedicated time with her...and she's wanting that extra time with me at night. I work from home and have a side hustle, and while my workspace is literally right in the living room, its obv not the same as playing with her.
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    You’re not a bad mom! That’s hard, you’re human, and you can’t give 100% of your attention to all those things at the same time. I don’t know how the hell families with both parents working are doing it right now.
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    You are not a bad mom, Doom. We're all barely treading water right now. <3
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    Thank you ladies. sorry, bad mom is what I think in my head. Its a bad habit to fix esp when times are hard and emotions are not...normal.
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    We all have those “bad mom” feelings. You really are doing great!
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    Fry desperately needs a nap today. I told him to try having some peaceful time, and if he can’t sleep because he has too much energy, I’ll bring him downstairs. He’s swearing “I have too much energy”, all while slurring his speech and forcing himself to scurry around (which is currently more of a stumble). It’s like being with a drunk who is SURE they’re totally sober.
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    While I'm sure that's stressful and exhausting, it also sounds adorable.
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    I have definitely seen that with A. Acting like a tiny drunk lol. Hopefully he went down for you. Those days can be rough <3
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    We went to our neighborhood kiddie pool today and sat off to the side so she could just have a change in scenery. It was bittersweet because she was so interested in everyone but couldn’t get near them.
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    The good news is kids are super adaptable and when socializing is back on the table she will adjust.