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    For all things breastfeeding! Rants! Raves! Questions! Just don't be a jerk if someone here breastfeeds but also wants advice on adding or switching to formula.

    Also, you can drink and breastfeed. Just FYI. So grab your wine glass and join us :cheers:
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    Thanks, A&O. <3
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    Ok I’m kicking things from Mother Hens over to here.

    I will start by saying I’m planning to EBF. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, assuming I am able to, and it’s also highly promoted here by doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals, so there is a lot of support available. I’m open to FF if that’s the way things go, and I’ll try to not have too much mom guilt over it, but I do want to try EBF and exhaust the options related to BFing first.

    That said, I do think I’ll be able to BF, since I have had small amounts of leaking since I was about 26-27 weeks along. Then we’ll see how supply goes and how baby latches.

    So for my first question: Since I’ve been leaking for a while now, did anyone else start leaking the colostrum early too? How soon after birth did your milk come in? I’m obviously not encouraging anything yet (no self-expressing) because I don’t want to get my supply going prematurely. But just curious what I could expect after birth for timing.
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    @megatron I leaked early and often and supply came in around 48 hours post delivery and was fully in 72 hours later.

    So I will say I am having an issue breastfeeding I've been hesitant to discuss because I feel like its going to come off as a "not even problem."

    If I go even a minute past three hours feeding C, even overnight, my boobs are so painfully engorged that my nipples go numb and are distorted. If C sleeps longer than 2 hours overnight I leak everywhere and am in pain. I can usually pump 8oz off AFTER C eats in the morning even though its only been 3-4 hours and that makes it so I don't get too engorged the rest of the day. I tried talking to A about this and he doesn't see any problem, and maybe hes right. Guess I am just stressed about it every night.
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    @megatron I didn't leak at all and tried to hand express from 36 weeks (encouraged by my midwife) and got nada. My milk came in I think around 56 hours? Even more fully by 72 hours I think. I think how soon your milk comes in may be more dependent on how much your baby nurses in those early hours/days though.

    @whatchyagonnado how many weeks postpartum are you and when you pump after C eats in the morning is that to just relieve some pressure or are you pumping until empty?
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    @Canucklehead just to relieve pressure. I've been doing just six ounces (one bag) just so I can be a little more comfortable, although I've pumped to empty once or twice and gotten the 8oz. C is 8 weeks this week!
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    @whatchyagonnado I had this problem for a very long time. I was told to take 800mg every 6hrs and never pump more than baby would eat (usually around 2-3oz at your babies age.

    It helped! So definitely try that. But what really changed things for me was I ended up taking a sudafed pe. It realllllly slowed my milk down. So much it freaked me out I fucked my supply. So I don’t know if I’d recommend that.

    On that note. Careful with cold meds, they dry your milk up.
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    @Pickles thank you! I did not know that about cold medicine. Also I feel like everywhere says "don't pump at all!" and I couldn't even imagine going through the day that way so I will definitely try your suggestion of doing just three ounces tomorrow morning!
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    @whatchyagonnado Oversupply is crazy painful. I feel you.
    I forgot to mention 800mg of ibuprofen every 6 hrs for 48hrs. Avoid hot showers at all costs. The coolest you can stand is best.
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    Oh shit I've been doing super hot showers just because its been making my neck feel better. Man I'm so glad I posted this now
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    Right? Don’t feel bad. I was doing everything wrong too. Don’t drink a ton of Gatorade...that also boosts milk supply and I was doing that too :lol:If your neck hurts do a rice pack on just your neck.
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    I think my milk came in after 4 days or so, colostrum until then. Then it was a few weeks of engorgement (2 months, maybe?). Engorgement makes you look like you’ve had a boob job but you can’t enjoy that because it feels like you’re smuggling gravel in there.

    I just used a Hakaa manual pump after 3 months, so I didn’t have a good gage on supply, but around 8 weeks or so I got mastitis. Hot showers were good for draining in that scenario.
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    Holy shit TRUTH
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    @megatron I leaked colostrum early and #humblebrag the nurses at the hospital raved about how great mine was. I remember thinking it was hilarious in my post birth fatigue brain. Milk came in day 3-4 and I've had good supply--EBF so far, she'll be a month in a couple of days. I was definitely leaking huge evvvvverywhere before I got these disposable breast pads. I need to get a washable one. It still leaks a lot but I'm not having to change my shirt 10X a day.

    All my BFing troubles have been exhaustion related. I'm glad for this thread and to hear that it gets easier. I'm definitely in the thick of it right now.

    I've been using a "milk saver" which is my new BFF. It's this rubber cup you use to catch the leaking milk from the side your baby is not currently feeding from. Basically, catching any milk that would have leaked into your breast pad. It's helping me collect enough for one bottle of breast milk a day and J is feeding it to her so I can get sleep during the first shift of the night. During that time I'm not waking to pump (so I'm skipping a feed) which is said to be a big no-no, but I was pretty much on the verge of giving up/Mom sadness so I NEED those few hours of uninterupted sleep. As time goes on I'll see what works though. When I was manually pumping for that bottle before using the milk saver it led to horrible engorgement so I'm a teeny bit nervous for when I start pumping for real (going back to work).
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    @megatron you won't really have to worry about your supply coming in too early. I read somewhere (I forget where, maybe Kellymom?) that colostrum production is hormonally driven but milk production is driven by supply and demand. I wouldn't try to express anything until you are comfortable with going in to labor though because breast stimulation, particularly the nipples, can cause contractions and is a method that is sometimes suggested to naturally induce labor. (It probably won't do anything unless your body is ready though, and some women are still breastfeeding an older child through pregnancy, but better safe than sorry).

    My milk with S started coming in around day 5. I was able to stop supplementing with formula by day 7. With D, it started coming in around day 2, and by day 3 I didn't have to supplement anymore. I attribute the difference partially to knowing better the 2nd time around. I started pumping the same day D was born, and I knew how to use the pump. With S, I didn't start pumping until the next day and didn't try hand expressing at first either (because I didn't know!) And I don't think I was pumping at regular intervals. And when I got home, I had to rely on a hand pump for a day or two while insurance shipped my electric pump. And all the pumping was just because my kids didnt latch in the beginning. They both needed nipple shields for the first few weeks.
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    My milk came in around day 2 or 3, and I will never forget it. My nurse told me to work my nipples a tad before feeding her to get some milk started, and the day it came in I didn't know until I went to do that and it shot across the room and sprayed E in the face lol.

    The boob job comment is right on the money. It was recommended I didn't start pumping right away for like two weeks or something so as not to overbuild my supply vs. demand, but they were sooo engorged, I had to. Sometimes even before a feed I would have to relieve some of it just so she could latch properly because my boob would be so fucking round all she could grab was the tip of the nipple -- OUCH.
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    Yeah, babies have a hard time latching onto super full boobs. And then the letdown can be crazy and they kind of choke on it. Ha! Fun times.

    But in good breastfeeding stories, it's the cuuuutest when they're so hungry and have their mouth open all wide and kind of shake their heads back and forth a little as they position themselves for the nipple when then see it coming toward their face. Or when they stop eating to smile at you. I wish I could get videos of those things, but some things are better suited to memory without photo/video, I guess.
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    Some kids choke during letdowns, but Fry was a lazy eater who ONLY wanted to eat during a letdown. He’d either fall asleep at the breast once it had subsided or he would try to trigger another one. That involves baby clamping down and shaking their head violently, like a nursing farm animal; sometimes they’ll also slap or pound your boob.
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    OK, so quick question. Most of you are saying it takes a few days for your milk to come in after delivering. Does that mean that they're on formula until it does?
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    No, their tummies are tiny and the colostrum is packed with all they need.
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    Yea I think it's really confusing when people say that. I also wondered what they ate. Babies have colostrum for the first few days, which is basically a super rich pre-milk. They can still nurse, it's just technically a different product.
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    Ok, gotcha. Thanks!
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    @Apples&Oranges - my little guy would look so CRANKY when he fed (when he was still on the boob in the beginning) because he was totally all about concentrating on the job at hand hahaha. His grumpy little sucking face was so cute, I used to think the same thing, if only I could get a picture lol.
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    Curious - why supplement during this time, then? I am pretty sure that G did get colostrum in the hospital and for the first few days, but even the hospital brought us formula to supplement the feedings.
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    I honestly don't know, unless it's for babies who aren't latching right (I think it's harder to pump colostrum).

    Maybe they offer it in cases where there's a delay in the milk coming in?