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    @Zombie Llama usually WFH (In my experience and A’s) confers a lower salary, reason given the employer feels you save money on commute/time/meals out. However, I get a stipend for my internet and phone, and got a bonus for my initial work equipment (not the company owned stuff like computers, but a desk allowance for example). I dont think anyone would pay more so employees could have bigger homes and such though.
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    I think that's because it has always been seen as an accommodation, particularly for women.
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    I’m surprised that people think permanent WFH will become the new norm. Part time WFH will definitely become more widespread but I think enough people don’t want to be at home full time.
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    I think there will be a bunch of companies that think it is a huge cost saving measure (for a time period) while others will realize how important offices are for certain functions. But I am hopeful it means part time WFH will remain for the long term.

    Of course, there are those bosses who think everybody is just watching Netflix right now and can't wait for everybody to be back in the office.
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    Yeah our company is actually talking about it and other companies have already announced it. Not sure how wide spread it will be but I think companies will try it, especially tech heavy, office centric companies.
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    It’s been three months. How has management not figured out yet which of their employees are more productive from home and which aren’t? Employers should be able to separate the wheat from the chaff by now.
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    My director was formerly very opposed to us working from home but it sounds like he may be open to this becoming permanent for some of us. We're short on office space and we've been communicating better since going to WFH.
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    K’s company announced all staff are WFH through the end of the year (minimum) about a month ago.
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    J's said October minimum.

    I am underemployed and looking for work and from what I am seeing out there, remote or flex jobs are becoming slightly more common. From part-time to full-time, entry to senior. I just heard back about a director role that is fully remote (Not sure I agree a director should be wfh but okay) and have an interview for Monday.
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    We moved into our new building mid-Pandemic. It’s totally open office, 4’ long desks with no partitions, etc. :lol: Everyone told them it was a horrible idea. Now we’re allowed something like 25% capacity and all our Japanese HQ is still WFH because they’re even closer. Obvs I’m not going in the office anytime soon, even when my leave is over. Back to my own office, sure, but that place is sold.
    I have to check my email but my bff told me our office won’t be at more than 50% for maybe a year.
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    And, at least in the UK (I never had a job you could WFH in the US) many if not most employers are really big in presenteeism.
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    My moms company announced that many of them will become WFH fully, my mom included. She was already WFH 3 days a week. She is also trying to figure out how to set up a good WFH space lol.
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    I think my boss is going to push for our team to have the option of part time WFH. It’s worked out really well and we’ve always been out and about for projects as needed. I hope this is successful since I need to be in the office for some things, but I would like the flexibility to WFH on days when I don’t need to be on job sites.

    If anyone has been tasked with locating Covid related products (temporary partitions-or sneeze guards, foot pulls for bathrooms, etc) message me. I keep a running list now for work.
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    I'm hoping this helps the college adopt a wider WFH policy (there is none, it is up to individual units). I am really missing the act of being in the office. B DGAF but I'm hoping his company will spring for a new laptop for him at some point - his current one is very small and quite slow with all the programs he needs to run.
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    I'm probably not going back to the office until the new year. We had a WFH task force for a long time that was working on options for it for months/years. Nothing was done. There were talks about how this is going to be impossible, and maybe just 1-2 times a month, but here we are.

    S's company remodeled their offices a few years ago in the no assigned desks with long table work stations style. I don't think he's going back for a long time.

    I work on the dining room table and S works in the office. This situation works for us, so far. We are in opposite ends of the house.
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    I really hope rooster WFM part time after this (full time isn’t sustainable). He’s so much less stressed working from home. His default at this job the last 6 years or so has been stressed, I’d forgotten what non stressed rooster was like.
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    D just knocked over a small container of seeds I had harvested from some moss rose last year. And he's mad at me. Came in here all "I'm mad at you. Those seeds somehow got knocked all over the place. I'm not saying I did it and I'm not saying I didn't do it, I don't know."

    Yeah, ok. Also it's the first day in a week he's done dishes at all, which is generally his job, so he can fuck right off.
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    the hell is wrong with the roosters tonight.
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    Is anyone else incapable of discussing home improvement stuff without it getting super tense?
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    Minor things are fine. But any kind of big projects, discussing that seems to stress K out. He doesn't like "what ifs" and would rather talk about bathroom remodels when we can afford it, for example.
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    Not home improvement but other simple conversations end up in a large fight.
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    Yes especially when one of us thinks he can do everything for no money and one of us is willing to outsource things that should require a licensed professional to... a licensed professional.
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    Tell him it's lawn service or robotic mower. Cause those things are so cool.