Klassy brides we know IRL

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    Yeah I plan on running to Costco and just putting them in my own container. :lol: Their cookies are better than mine anyways.
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    Lolol send a message and bag some Cookie Crisp cereal
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    So, I’m skipping my future SILs bachelorette party because I’m not going to Florida with a bunch of people I don’t know that based on social media I know aren’t taking proper COVID protocols. My sister is skipping too so she’s suggesting we try to plan fun stuff for after the bridal shower, like a “bridesmaid photo shoot” and hire a photographer. 1. That doesn’t sound fun at all. 2. I don’t know any of these people, why would I want pictures with them? 3. Not taking off my mask. Sorry not sorry.

    The bride’s sister want to plan one of the pedal bike bar crawl things after the shower too. So we would be going from shower to photo shoot to bike bar crawl? I’m not sure I have an outfit that would flow well between all 3 :lol: (plus I already made plans for after with people I actually know, like and trust!)
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    Is your FSIL always a fucking silly human? Or is the wedding just bringing it out?

    I’m sorry. This whole process sounds exhausting.
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    She's super sweet and I do like her, but I think there are several things at play. She hasn't outgrown the stereotypical sorority girl life, her and my brother are both the babies of the family and expect to get everything they want all the time (like my brother seriously called my mom and flat out asked how much money she was giving them and told her how much his fiancée's family was giving to try to guilt her) and I think there is also a part where her sister, who is matron of honor, is pushing her wedding vision on them. My understanding is the sister had a quick wedding after getting pregnant and is now trying to get her dream wedding vicariously. I did have to talk future SIL through ways to approach pushing back on her sister about a beach wedding because it was the sister's vision not FSIL so I think there is more of that than I know about.

    They also keep asking for help, then not taking it, then complaining they aren't getting anything done. When they set a date, we were helping them look for lodging/cabins (in Pigeon Forge) for the bridal party and suggestions for guests. They got overwhelmed and decided not to and that everyone should just book their own cabins. I ended up booking a cabin for our family back in October since large ones near by book up quickly. 2 weeks ago they were complaining they want to book a cabin for the bridal party but there aren't any big enough ones close and it's hard to get everyone on the same page. 5 months ago I offered to do it to help out and they basically said no so I don't really care if they're struggling now :shrug: I'll be impressed if they pull this off but also not surprised if my sister and I are scrambling a few weeks out trying to finalize everything.
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