Kid's Birthday Parties

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    Which is why you should definitely do whatever is most fun for you! I think first birthday parties are for the parents anyway (in a good way—like woo we survived!)
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    @scotchbutter Okay I know you said no Peppa Pig and the party might have already passed or it’s today or tomorrow, but what about these cookies :lol:

  3. scotchbutter

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    OMJG nope nope nope nope.

    It’s in 3 weeks. I am no artist but I think I’m going to make a cake with a big pig on it.
  4. user4030

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    I’m sure it will be adorable! Just find some good instructions and take your time :)
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    I like how whoever baked those must have realized those pigs looked like dongs right out of the oven, but were like, “STFU you're wrong, let’s decorate ‘em anyway. Why not.”

    ETA: Filter made this better.
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    “STFU you're wrong” always makes things better.
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    Adorable. I love it!
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    It's so cute!
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    That’s so sweet
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  11. user4058

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    Does anyone have tips on icing sugar cookies with royal icing? I've never made them before, we are doing a Blippi party for S and I want to make bow tie sugar cookies.

    (We all know this is going to end with me throwing kitchen gadgets and going to Kroger but humor me here.)
  12. CoolWife

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    All I know is from the internet and they always outline it and after that dries fill it with thinner icing.
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  13. A. Ham

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    That's what they do on Bakeoff too.
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  14. MagnificentCat

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    My favorite channel for all things sweet:
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  15. Zombie Llama

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    Use a squeezie bottle instead of a pastry bag. Way less messy.

    I don't recommend multiple colors on a cookie for your first try. Stick with monochrome.

    Colored sugar crystals hide everything and make the cookies look super luxe.
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  16. user4058

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    I forgot about Cupcake Gemma! Her videos are so satisfying.

    Does anyone have a recommended cookie recipe? I never make sugar cookies and I don't want to make something too brittle.
  17. Zombie Llama

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    My recipe is in storage or I would share. But I wanted to add that rolling the dough out between parchment paper and sticking it in the freezer for a few minutes before cutting makes thing easier as well.
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    Thank you!
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  19. A. Ham

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    Yes always chill the dough!!
  20. Dorothygale

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    Nothing fancy, but the Wilton sugar cookie recipe is easy and the cookies come out nice; not too soft and not too crunchy/brittle.

    Use a thicker icing to outline, let it dry/harden, then add water to thin it out and flood fill the rest.
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  21. user4030

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    This is my grandma’s recipe. I’ve never tried icing them but I see no reason they wouldn’t stand up to it. They’re nothing fancy but I love them.

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  22. user4058

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    Thank you guys!
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    That is so cute!!
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    A++. So cute!
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    Love it!
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