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    Hello, I’ve honestly been lurking here on and off for almost four years now and just finally decided to make an account! I found this site while helping a now ex-friend plan a wedding and realized she was in fact a “klassy bride”. Y’all got me through it, so a big thank you!!!
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    Hey there! Welcome.
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    Welcome! Glad we could help :mrgreen:
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    Go on...
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    Ohhhh boy where do I start? Though I’m not friends with her anymore this is still an on going saga because she married one of my close friend’s brother. I’ll need to type a makeshift timeline on my break to explain but to start the three categories she fits in that came to mine wedding wise were:

    -Entitled Bitch is Entitled (still is)

    -Third Grade art Projects

    -And any kind of drama involving not getting her own way, rings, etc (I was kinda sad to see she obviously didn’t have a WB account and therefore for does not have her own thread here)

    And to explain the entitlement, she’s still entitled with her mother in law and my friend about herself and three children (e.g. most recently my friend offered to take her oldest niece to Disney and her SIL demanded a trip to Disney not just the only kid who’s literally old enough to semi enjoy it but all the kids and HERSELF didn’t even include my friends brother, aka her husband (note on the kids the oldest will be 7–they had them before they were married—and the other two are 2 and 7 months respectively; my friend wanted to take the oldest because they’re close and you know she’s 7 years old and loves Disney). Then with MIL, she demands her to cater all birthday party’s (including HER relatives, like I just went to one for her aunt) and various family functions and is incredibly ungrateful and constantly states home no one helps her.

    And though this is unrelated, but definitely causes tension because my friend is a pharmacist, this woman is also antivaxx and reallllly beats her drum about it.

    Whew! Sorry if that was hard to follow, I’ll try and get back to you with a more cohesive timeline of everything though lol
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    Hey everyone, I am back. I kind of left because I have been struggling with my bipolar, especially the past four months. I am currently recovering from a psychotic episode. I have been in and out of the psych ward for the past year and the stress from my job as a housekeeper for a nursing home in a pandemic hasn't helped at all.

    I am currently in the process of applying for SSDI and am taking a month off from work while I taper onto my Lamictal. When I go back to work, I will probably go to working part time. I have an attorney that will help me get SSDI.
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    Congrats on fighting to be well. Celebrate your small victories.
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