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    Looks like we’ll be transferring a boy embryo next week! I went into my pre-op appointment yesterday armed with a list of questions to help me decide and my RE took me completely off guard when she let me know that I don’t actually get to choose! I guess it’s their policy that they just use the highest rated embryo regardless. Which never occurred to me since my last clinic let you pick. I was pretty surprised and I spent a few hours wallowing in having the choice taken from me but now I’m over it and feeling pretty excited - yay boy! I know my highest rated embryo has a perfect rating so fingers firmly crossed he nestles right in. I’m pretty worried about it because so much of IVF with endo is just doing your best and hoping it works (there’s not a lot known about exactly wtf endo is doing to prevent you from getting/staying pregnant). But I feel like we’ve truly done everything possible for this cycle between the months of Lupron, the surgery, the endometrial “scratch” etc. so all I can do now is hope. In about 3 weeks I’ll be peeing on sticks!
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    Good luck Kimmers! It sucks that there is still so little research into endometriosis. Keeping my claws crossed for you, N, and L!
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    Fingers crossed!! Good luck, that's so exciting!
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    Excited for y'all @Kimmers ! Good luck!
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    Good luck! And yay, super embryo!
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    Good luck @Kimmers! If we were to do another transfer it would also be a boy since that is our highest rated embryo after M!
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    I experienced an incredibly cruel evaporation line last night.

    I'm assuming it's an evap line because this morning I did two more tests and the digital one said no, and the strip one had a tiny second stripe on it, but it wasn't the same width as the test one and didn't show up during the allocated time frame, both of which indicate it's an evap line.

    I was feeling pretty zen about this with my appointment coming up but now I'm not. Bodies are mean.
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    Hmm. Did the lines show up within the testing window? An evap is usually way after the test has dried. Unless it is an indent; I did have a few of those with FRER. Digitals likely wouldn’t say yes yet if the lines were that faint.
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    I think you need more tests. I know the HPTs really messed with my head because my morning lines were always the faintest instead of the darkest. For whatever reason my first test of the day was almost always garbage. Either way I’m sorry you lost your zen! It’s so hard not to when you’re going through this.
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    I told Mr. Bandit this morning I needed Chicken Feedback, but I had a feeling people would ask for pictures, and that the response was probably going to be "go out and buy a FRER". I've never had evaporation lines on these before, so two in a row is ringing some bells for me, I admit it. They just... don't look right?

    The mean one from last night was a little outside the window. I made a curried rice salad I usually really, really dig, and I took a bite and it just tasted incredibly off-putting to me - the time I was pregnant, almost a decade ago, that was the first symptom I had. Also Mr. Bandit then asked me, baffled, "Are you pregnant?" so I went to take a spite-test to show him I was not. I got distracted and wasn't able to check it for 10-15 minutes after I took it (it was still a little wet, though), here is that one -

    Spoilered because unreasonably huge.


    The line is the same width as the test one, and it's too pale for me to even see the colour so it got me excited.

    The one I took this morning, I woke up at 5am and took both. I waited about 5 minutes and the digital one said nope, and I didn't notice anything on the other one and I went back to sleep. When I woke up two hours later I noticed there is a really fine pink line on it - so this one is the right colour, I guess? I spent an hour last night looking up evap lines and convinced myself it's what the other one was. I tried to get it in the brightest light I could for a picture, but I'm still not sure if it's showing up on a picture at all.

  12. user4917

    user4917 Chicken

    I took many many tests with L and I just went back and looked - my first lines on Wondfo look just like yours, thin and all. They thickened up as they darkened. You may just be really early. I’d keep testing. <3
  13. Cashmere Bandit

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    The 8th or 9th. I'm 10/11 DPO right now - hard to tell precisely which because my LH peak is so brief. I've only ovulated twice since they increased my prescription for the stuff that decreases and controls my prolactin levels, the theory seemed to be that when anything additional was going on with my body (sickness, stress), it was enough to throw me out of wack because my hormones were so borderline inhospitable to ovulation specifically and having a soft, squishy uterus lining theoretically. They might still be inhospitable, which is maybe why I'm being blase and unattached about this, at any time my hormones might be ill-equipped to support a pregnancy and they won't know until it happens. That's also why it's important that I know ASAP if I am, so that they can start really rigidly monitoring me - if I get another faint line tomorrow I'll be calling my doctor instead of playing the 'is it an evap line tho' game.

    I'll go out and buy some non-strip tests right now. Peeing on $15 is my favourite activity!

    Edit: Are First Response Early Result still the gold standard, or is there some hidden gem I don't know about?
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  14. CoolWife

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    Recommend these if you can wait.

    Which, lol, but next time if there is one.
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  15. Fitz

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    I'm no good at evaluating tests, @Cashmere Bandit , but Imma keep my claws crossed for you!
  16. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    So I am a notorious early tester and obsessor. Those look like lines to me. I would definitely recommend a FRER if you don’t mind spending the extra $.
  17. HBC

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    I don’t see lines on either but it’s still early, test tomorrow!
  18. Cashmere Bandit

    Cashmere Bandit Minion moocher

    Got a 3-pack. We'll see what happens tomorrow morning.
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  19. moose

    moose RINGWORM GIRL :(

    Fingers crossed!
  20. Cashmere Bandit

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    FRER and HCG strip were both very negative this morning.

    This is vaguely frustrating as I have a fertility acupuncture appointment in the city (so a 2 1/2 hour drive) away on Monday morning, and I get charged a pretty substantial rate if I cancel less than 24 hours in advance. And obviously they're closed on the weekend. I guess I just go anyway regardless of if I get a positive this weekend? They do pregnancy acupuncture too. Thank Jeff Goldblum my fertility appointment isn't on Monday too, the cost of that one to cancel it with less than 48 hours is $225. :wall:
  21. user4917

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    I’m sorry @Cashmere Bandit - the whole process is so frustrating and it’s sooooo tough to be in the gray area.
  22. Cashmere Bandit

    Cashmere Bandit Minion moocher

    I wasn't expecting "gray area" to be what broke me, but it has. Especially considering how patient I tend to be outside of this with virtually everything except... food, maybe.

    This is like being hangry but eating won't help.
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  23. calicat

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    I have been there. In January I had that evap line on a cheapie that I shared here. It was hell. I would keep your appointments and just test tomorrow again. If there isn't anything there, I'd say it is likely negative though I never had "natural"pregnancy tests because I took HCG boosters so I never had faint lines that progressed. The line was just undeniably there and got darker
  24. user4917

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    So my clinic just called me to let me know they finished reviewing my embryos and their rating system is different from what my old clinic used. The top embryo is now a girl! I’m in a state of shock but very cautiously hopeful! Transfer is confirmed for next Friday.
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  25. calicat

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    Oh how fun!!! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!
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