I found him, the world's biggest asshole.

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  1. Vespidae

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    Guys, I simply cannot contain my shock and anger at what an actual, truly and for real ASSHOLE this dude is.

    He is grown, and has literally spent the last 16 years ignoring, mistreating, and otherwise disregarding his own sister because she was adopted when he was a small child and his spoiled 8-year-old ass didn't want that.

    Not enough?

    How about that he still firmly believes that his parents have mentally abused him for those 16 years because they went ahead and adopted the girl even after he said no and then let her stay and be raised as part of the family.

    STILL not enough?

    Let's not forget the very premise of his question, which is that he has a brother the exact same age as the sister, whom he has none of these issues with and treats properly as a sibling. Right in front of her. Like she's a fucking ghost in the room. So either the issue is that she's not "real" family, or, (more likely in my personal opinion) that's she's a girl.


    Bust out the popcorn for this one.

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  3. Imabug1002

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    Wtaf is wrong with him? Like I can understand a kid getting upset at first because of the change but it’s like he hasn’t even tried in 16 years to give a shit!
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  4. Honey

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    Imagine being kind enough people to adopt a child in need, and realizing you’re responsible for birthing and raising this asshole.
  5. virgo

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    Who the fuck stays mad at an adopted sibling for being adopted into their family? Like Ima said, I could see a kid being mad for a little while and then getting over it. Being an adult and still mad about it is insane.
  6. Vespidae

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    I am still so blown away by this. How stunted and selfish do you have to be to not eventually get over it? And the parents even put him in therapy as a kid to try and help him adjust but he just stubbornly refused to accept this girl as family. It is unreal.
  7. lrrr

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    The funny/sad thing is, this guy probably posted to get assurances from the internet that he was in the right.
  8. Honey

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    I love it when AITA is at 100% YTA. But this guy can still go eat a bag of dicks.
  9. Vespidae

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    At least he got none of those, there is something to be said for humanity yet.
  10. lrrr

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    Cancel the move to Vulcan
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  11. Afishwish

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    That’s so bad I wonder if it’s someone trolling YTA. I suspect that happens a lot over there.
  12. Lh718

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    The mods deleted it saying it broke the rule about true stories. I wonder what tipped them off if it is made up. The flip side being how tf do they know ANY of the submissions are true!
  13. Vespidae

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    It does happen quite a lot but sometimes it can be really hard to tell, because often the ones you want to be fake just aren't. You kind of just have to lean in and learn to enjoy it even if it might not be real.

    Let's not rush into anything here.
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