I, for one, welcome our new robot overloards.

Discussion in 'Free Range' started by Honey, May 19, 2017.

  1. LouiseBelcher

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    We haven't had any disasters. It doesn't do the area where Dougie lives and we only have one kitty that pukes occasionally. When she pukes it's almost always in near her litter box on one of the rubber mats. The robot also doesn't do that room because the mats. Stella isn't bothered by the robot but Grace will stay on the furniture and watch it the whole time. She sometimes hisses at it.
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  2. user4917

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    Mine was home invasion and it still is. I still have a hard time taking a shower if no one else is home.
  3. CoolWife

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    D just lost his phone (of course it’s on silent) and after looking forever, jokingly asked Google Home “where’s my phone?”
    Guys, it found his phone.
  4. user63

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    I didnt think I needed a home assistant thing, but maybe I need a home assistant thing....

    (though a toddler is a pretty handy tool for finding a phone too lol)
  5. CoolWife

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    True, but a toddler can’t turn the volume on high and make it ring when it’s on silent under the dresser.
  6. Comet

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    And the toddler could very well be the reason the phone is lost in the first place.
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  7. Vespidae

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  8. Aw Pigley

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    We have swag lighting in the living room (plugged into an outlet) and the switch on the cord is right behind the couch and kind of a pain to get to if you're lazy like me. So we plugged it into an amazon smart switch and now I can tell Alexa to turn the lights on and off and it's the coolest thing to me :lol:
  9. Rico Suave

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    Alexa never listens to me when I tell her to turn off the light, yet the light is still plugged into the smart switch. Why? Because I also think it is the coolest thing to be able to tell her to do it.
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  10. 8bitprincess

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  11. user3728

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    Thanks for posting this! I don’t qualify for a free mini but I do get free Hulu which I didn’t know.
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  12. Aw Pigley

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    Surveil me, Daddy
  13. 8bitprincess

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    Jelly. Canadian one doesn’t include Hulu. But at least I will now be under the watchful eye of Big Brother be able to have recipes dictated to me while I cook.
  14. user3728

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    No lie, we have a regular Google Home and a mini and I have no ragrets. When you are in the middle of cooking and your hands are dirty and you can just yell out “add olive oil to the shopping list!” it is worth the intrusion.
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    I got an error posting in another thread that asked to send it to the system administrator email. I typed up the email and didn't know that gmail suggests titles based on the content but it suggested "Error in chickens" so I used it. :lol: I am sad that I got a delivery failure though.
  16. Aw Pigley

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    K and I were discussing what to put in Alexa's intruder alert routine, like turn on all the lights etc...

    K: "Alexa...release the bees!"
  17. Lh718

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    Then a bunch of tulle, burlap, and tears explode from the walls!
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  18. Aw Pigley

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    He has no idea what he summoned
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  19. user3695

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  20. Aw Pigley

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    I love that haha!
  21. Lh718

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    Switched to new health insurance this year and am now a CVS pharmacy customer. Cool. I just called to check on a prescription I need and got the usual cheerful telephone robot and got past the first two questions about coronavirus and physical store info. I about fell out of my chair when it told me they were still working on my 1 prescription and to press 1 for more info. Well, duh I'm pressing it now. It told me that it should be ready at 11pm (when the store isn't even open) but I could ask to get it earlier by pressing 1 again. Pressed 1.

    "Great! We'll text you when it's ready! If that's all you needed, you can hang up now."

    It's not even futuristic tech or anything, but it's the first time I've ever had a telephone robot look up my info all by itself without input from me aside from calling.
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  22. Vespidae

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    My birth control refilled itself and notified me by text. Nobody had warned me this was even a thing. I was completely thrilled.

    Of course that was before the med went on backorder and now I am in a previously unknown level of hell.
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