I am Surrounded by Idiots

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    Much responsible.
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    This further solidifies my wish that gun owners had to carry liability insurance.
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  3. Afishwish

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    Our neighbor’s in a band, and they’re actually good. She had a
    rehearsal that turned into a block party last week, and the neighborhood loved it, everyone was out socializing, it was great. Then one dude called the cops, party was over. They play classic songs like Credence and Beatles covers, pretty unobjectionable stuff, and the hours were reasonable.

    She is going to have another rehearsal tomorrow, emailed the neighborhood, is making all sorts of concessions to appease Neighbor McCrankypants, he responded with a veiled threat to call the police again. Another neighbor, one of the chillest people I know, responded with a beautifully diplomatic email telling Cranky he wasn’t endearing himself to the neighborhood. I wrote the guy too. I guess when I’m mad my California comes out and rooster noted I must be pretty pissed off for my first line to be “Come on, man”.
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    Liking for your letter. And a fun block party!