How does your garden grow?

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  1. CoolWife

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    Zinnias are so pretty!! Last year I went heavy on the pretty (instead of say, broccoli for the bunnies) and had some that grew 2x as high as they were supposed to and took over the garden. Way better than the ugly marigolds the year before. I bet the new owners have volunteer zinnias in that box, I let them go to seed.
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  2. user4058

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    My lavender looks really sad. It says full sun but looks like it's burning up?

    We water every evening but maybe morning and evening are needed?
  3. user4290

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    Could be. It has been so hot with little rain here (other than our stupid flash storm last week). I've been watering two or three times a day for short periods
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  4. Zombie Llama

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    Sunday, I threw some mini zinnia seeds in some leftover dirt my landlord had in the garage, fully expecting nothing (everything I've started myself has been in the aerogarden). And they are growing! I am fully addicted now.

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  5. shakespeer

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    Looking to fill some medium-sized planters with plants that can sustain some well-intentioned neglect. (I can promise to water every other day, probably not every day.) Area is mostly sunny.

    Even broad descriptions of what to avoid would be helpful.
  6. Geraniums are the hardiest of Hardy plants. They survive and thrive in my gross, claggy London clay soil beds and plant pots, with very little sunlight or attention. Ours bloom red, pink, and white and come back every year after a good cut back.
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  7. Honey

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    Hardy geraniums may not be annual in your climate, shakes. They tend to survive frost, but idk about Minnesota winters. People in Montana treat them like perennials. I think you’re USDA zone 4b, same as I was in Billings, so I’ll just let you know what worked well for me.

    Bulbs like tulips and lilies did well there. My absolute favorite thing was a big patch of grape soda irises that were at the edge of the property. I’m not even sure our irrigation system touched them. The spring rain kept them thriving.

    Salvia is gorgeous and low maintenance. It’s in the sage family, which I found to be the hardiest of herbs in our climate.

    Russian sage is wild and beautiful, a giant tumbleweed of a thing with tiny blue/purple flowers that mesmerize all neighborhood pollinators. I’m not sure about putting one of those in a planter, but I think you’d like it in the ground.

    Echinacea (Coneflowers) are nearly impossible to kill and favor dry prairies. They grow like weeds.

    Other stuff that managed to stay pretty and not die under my careless watch: black eyed Susan, peonies, lavender, hosta, calandrinia, climbing roses, poppies. The property also had shasta daisies when we moved in, but I dug them out because I dislike their odor.
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  8. CoolWife

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    Petunias are perfect for planters if you just want some annual color. The trailing ones for taller ones. They do well with less than ideal water situations and are super pretty.
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  9. CoolWife

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    They’re so easy! They are tubers. You can get an established bush at a garden center or try your luck at a tuber in a bag from anywhere.
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  10. Honey

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    I inherited the bushes, but yes, they were planted from bush not bulb. The only real requirements are that you stake them when they bloom, because the flowers can get too heavy for their stems, and that you deadhead them when they're done blooming and cut them back before first freeze. The biggest downside, to me, was that ants love them.
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  11. CoolWife

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    I don’t need to hear about it being two months into gardening season anywhere else, ok?
    But seriously it’s finally nice here. I started spring cleaning the garden and uncovering little baby leaves and shoots on everything. It won’t be this warm for more than today but AHHHHHHH FRESH AIR.
    Related, our backyard is a swamp. Until we get that sitch sorted, I think I’m going to haul every mis-matched container I can find onto the deck and grow my garden there. D will hate it, but it’s outside and I won’t have to wear waders to leave footprint craters in the grass.
  12. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    I’m just starting to get mine ready too. The weeds are out of control. I have just enough cleared to plant myself a little strawberry patch. Tomatoes and herbs and whatnot will wait until next month.
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  13. Afishwish

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    I need to get some large pots or planter boxes or something. My backyard isn’t really usable but I want to plant some fruits and veggies this year.
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  14. Lh718

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    My sad back yard gets no direct sun plus is blocked by a tree so not very bright either. I'll live out my outdoor gardening fantasies through y'all!