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  1. Afishwish

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    Any of you done a DIY bathroom update?

    We have a pretty outdated downstairs half bathroom. It has a vanity and medicine cabinet that looks like okay wood. The vanity isn’t big. The smart thing is to pay someone to replace it, but I think I’d like to give a go at refinishing them with a semitransparent blue stain, then replacing the top. Any of you done this? On a scale of “doable” to “don’t be stupid pay someone”, how would you rate refinishing a couple cabinets? I’d also replace the mirror and bathroom hardware, but the real bitch here would be the refinishing. I have no experience doing this, but YouTube has me thinking I could do it.
  2. Honey

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    Doable. How are you at sanding?
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  3. Afishwish

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    Don’t have a power sander, but I can elbow grease it if I must,
  4. CoolWife

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    Totally doable!
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  5. Imabug1002

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    Based on my vast experience of watching home renovation shows during lockdown, I’d say it’s definitely doable!
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  6. lrrr

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    Er, we replaced the toilet paper roll holder in tile in case you need advice for that. (Spoiler alert: get the right drill bit)
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