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    I have mentioned before that our company won't paint them because over the long term, constantly repainting them is more expensive than just replacing them.

    Do you plan on being in this house for a long time?
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    I would consult a paint store on the types of paints before making a decision. Something like latex won’t hold up at all. Enamel is what used to be used all the time, but it’s oil based and comes with its own set of problems. I’d look at an acrylic latex paint— those seem to hold up well for trim. Also depending on the color there are tinted stains that might get you a finish you’re happy with that will hold up better.

    But to what @Zombie Llama said: my favorite cabinet aesthetic in the world is white painted cabinets, and for my own cabinets I chose a stain.
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    No idea what our neighbor/landlord used to paint our cabinets before we moved in, but theyre white and have held up. It's been 5 years now I think.
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    This is part of what I'm concerned about, but I'm hoping to "cool down" all the warm tones. I don't know if that's possible? I'm not good at this, lol. I put some inspiration photos below, but I can't find anything on Pinterest with granite quite like what's in there and I'm not good at visualizing how it will all look together once it's done. I'm hoping that we can find a white that will work with the cabinets, paint the walls (maybe a gray that leans blue? maybe a greige? but maybe anything gray will be too much with our furniture?), add in our gray furniture and white/navy accents, and change out all the light bulbs from the current yellow to white light. Our living and dining room furniture is all dark wood too. Maybe that will all just end up looking like nothing goes together?

    M wanted to do it himself, but I've been arguing that we don't have the time or patience to do this ourselves, at least not well. I read some of those stories too and they've convinced me that we need to pay an expert if we want the cabinets a different color. We really want to get it done in the nine day window between when we close and when we move in and I'd rather him focus on getting the pool safety fence installed and the other childproofing done. I intend to paint the interior while he works on that stuff and I don't see where we'd have the time to do the cabinets ourselves too.

    We aren't sure how long we will be there, but I've been quoted $2500 to paint all the kitchen & bathroom cabinets so I figure we can paint them probably 6-8 times before new cabinets would pay for themselves. Plus if I got new cabinets, then I'd want new counter tops and the scale of that project would probably just grow and grow and grow. Kitchen backsplash! Shower tile! Bathroom fixtures! And so on... :lol: Definitely not in the budget right now.

    So far I've gotten quotes from two companies, but I only discussed the type of paint with one of them and they mentioned it was oil based. What are the problems associated with that? The other company just told me that they use Sherwin Williams paint. They've both told me that it holds up really well, but of course they're trying to sell me something, so.

    Putting the photos behind spoiler tags since this post is already a novel...

    These lowers are a light green which I actually do like, but not sure if it works in our house and with the existing granite.


    I don't really like the rustic-y finish on these cabinets, but I do like the blue wall color you can get a glimpse of over the window. It might be a little too dark for our whole open concept living area though. upload_2020-7-15_9-19-52.png


    I really like the paint color you can see above the cabinets on this one too and I think it would work reasonably well throughout the house. upload_2020-7-15_9-26-55.png
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    I’m terrible at this kind of thing but fully with you in preferring cool tones and colors, so I’m interested in seeing what you come up with!
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    As my posts in this thread prove, I’m also awful at this BUT I think your inspiration photos are awesome! I’m also so glad you are having someone else do it, as that sounds like a nightmare to do yourself along with all the other moving and renovation projects.
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    Let me do some digging. The last time I looked into white oil based enamel, it still was subject to yellowing over time and noticeable in roughly 10-15 years. But paint formulas may have changed.
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  8. I finished painting our kitchen cabinets about a month and a half ago (my lockdown project), and it has been one of the best things I've ever done to this house. We used a very pale grey. We wanted something really light as our kitchen gets so little sun. So far any marks just wipe off without any issue and the paint is holding up well, but obviously I can't speak to longterm. The one thing I will say is that it was quite a laborious job and unless you can dedicate a few solid days to it, it takes time. I had to do it a few doors at a time during naps etc because if E was around paint would end up everywhere. I'm really glad I've done it now though.
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    @Comet It hasn’t changed. Get a water based enamel and you should be fine. Sherwin Williams is my go to and they have some pretty durable water based enamels. If they tell you which type, I have zero problem calling our contractor rep with them and picking their brains.
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    It looks like in your inspiration pics they used a warm toned white on the cabinets and then cooler colored walls, which I think you could get away with
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    This is finally arriving today! So excited. As a bonus to the long delivery window, D is fully potty trained :lol:

    Praaaaaaay that it fits through our narrow ass door. I measured and measured again (and again and again), but there's always "surprises."
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    So exciting!
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    It fits!! Sooo much better! It has a big foot print for our living room but :shrug: our butts will be happy. And ALL of us can finally fit, comfortably.
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    We had painted cabinets in the old house. When I moved in it was clearly a DIY job and was terrible and they didn't do a good job. Before we moved I had them professionally repainted and it looked so much better.

    That said, it still looked painted, and I would reface vs paint if we were changing our kitchen (which is also earth tones, and I also prefer cooler tones, but it's so well done I'm not touching it). More expensive so maybe not an option right after moving but not nearly as expensive as new cabinets either!

    I'd def try painting a bathroom first in case you don't like the look before the kitchen since the kitchen is more visible every day.
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    Pupdate: We are going to live with them as they are for now. We went and looked at them again today and realized that the existing cabinets are not nice enough to justify the cost of painting. I put together a little savings plan and have convinced rooster to agree to new cabinets AND counters in about a year. :mrgreen:
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    Excellent. Gives me time to get all excited to live vicariously through your reno without having to box up my own stuff.
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    Oooooh, perfect. Now you can choose your own cool-tone colors!
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    Exactly! I am so excited!
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    @Comet can you spreadsheet my life?
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    It would be my pleasure. :mrgreen:
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    I was actually looking at that first one initially! But we cant secure anything to that wall. I think it wasnt built to code. There's also a window that's right in the corner so anything too tall would cut off the window and look weird. There's seriously so many toys in there right now so I probably wont be able to get a picture until tomorrow. Kids dumped out a bunch of toys :roll:
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    The tall shelf is definitely going to be gone. I think even something low would block off the area too much, especially if the desk is next to the window (where the shorter shelf is, but getting rid of that too). It will be a single floating shelf or nothing over there, I think.
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