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    In an effort to reduce spambots, we've implemented a new authentication system. Activation is now an automatic two-step process. However, if you didn't get an activation e-mail immediately after registering, we must manually activate your account. This means you need to do three things before you can start clucking with the chickens:

    1) Register with a legible, pronounceable username (ie: not just a string of random text), and make sure that the e-mail address you use is active. We will delete your account if we find that our registration confirmation is undeliverable because you tried to sign up with a fake e-mail address.

    2) Answer the authentication question to prove that you are a literate human being and not a robot.

    3) Contact an administrator if you have not heard from us in 24 hours. We will e-mail you when your account is activated, but are no longer checking the activation queue daily as 95% of registrants do not need administrator action to join.

    If you have trouble answering the authentication questions or you don't get an e-mail confirming your account activation, you can contact us at headchickenincharge at gmail, or at adminchicken at this very domain.

    Having trouble logging in? Again, check with us at the above e-mail addresses. If you've been intentionally deactivated, we'll have no problem with telling you why. And if you haven't, we want to do everything we can to get you back up and snarking ASAP.