Good fences make good neighbors

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  1. CoolWife

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    So what do you do when their fence falls down?

    We have good neighbors and bad neighbors. Good neighbors are our age, maybe a couple years younger, and have a daughter about C's age. They are bff's and neighbor gal and I are good friends. It's cool, we drink on the porch and talk over the fence like on tv. A+.

    Then there are the bad neighbors. They are The Worst. Both teachers, with two grown kids, one who still lives there with her "friend" who is actually her girlfriend but they're clearly not that ok with it. The have 4 dogs (I think? Used to be 5 but I've only seen 4 lately) that bark constantly. My mom called the cops on them last time she visited they were so annoying. One coon hound, 2 bassets and a chihuahua mix so you can only imagine. The coon hound occasionally jumps up on the hot tub so he can look you almost in the eye in the kitchen (their yard is lower than ours) and bark. And bark and bark and bark. Then they come out and yell and it's worse than the barking.

    They (he) built a fence a few years ago. The wood sat piled up in their yard all summer and the fence went up over Labor Day weekend. It went up inside the chain link fence, with the shitty side out, so we have to look at his sloppy work (and it's really bad). The fence cuts across the yard in the back about 2/3 of the way back, so to them the yard looks smaller than it is. But we can still see the trash pile in the back 1/3. Literal trash pile. Even though the fence was bad, it was kind of nice to have because we didn't have to look at 2/3 of their yard, plus it did keep the dogs a little quieter. I could walk outside without setting them all off.

    A couple years ago they put up a pole barn kind of thing right by the fence, right in back of their house. It's so ugly.

    A couple weeks ago, the fence fell down. The part right outside our kitchen window has been leaning for a while and it just.. fell over. And they have done nothing about it, it's just laying there because they give no fucks. The rest of it is super wavy and not stable, but it's still upright. He caught D outside (hahahaha, sorry babe, I wasn't home to save him) and told him that it wouldn't fall further, something was holding it up. That wasn't true.

    He also told D that carpenter ants had eaten a beam or something in the garage and that had fallen down. But I've seen no work being done over there. So the place is literally falling/being eaten apart. We feel better about the ants that were in our house - they definitely came from over there!

    D doesn't get why I care. Because their house is going to fall down, it's already a shitstain on the neighborhood and our property value will plummet.

    Random story. We put a plastic potting bench out in the trash when my parents moved two years ago and I didn't have any use for it. It's in their backyard. Along with a cracked McDonald's golden arch. Also he invited D inside once like 9 years ago and he reported back that it's Hoarders scary in there.

    Tldr; should I call the city and turn in our horrible neighbors for their 100% for sure not permitted and totally structurally inadequate fence and pole barn?
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  2. Fitz

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    TLDR; yes (I actually did read it).
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  3. Honey

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    Yes, maybe you'll get lucky and the city will condemn the whole place.
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  4. nym711

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    I say yes too.

    Our neighbor put in a higher fence and two extra feet of trellis (so, 8 feet total) due to the jumping dog. She has become a much better neighbor since.
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  5. user5076

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    I'm voting yes as well. Taking action will, no matter what, make you feel better about the garbage situation they've created.
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  6. TaterTot

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    YES. I'm a consummate narc tho.
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  7. MagnificentCat

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    I'm a strong maybe based on the following unknowns:

    On a scale of A+ neighbors to old daycare director, how crazy are they?

    Can they make your life a living hell?

    Does city code enforcement have any teeth?
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  8. Comet

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    I would call on them, anonymously if possible.
  9. Honey

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    And then build a wall.

  10. HBC

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    And make them pay for it
  11. Meatz

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    If they had a permit they would have had to post it so you would have known when they did it. I do this all day. Just call the local Planning and Inspections department.
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  12. Rico Suave

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    Yep. Would call.
  13. user3728

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    Yup call inspectional services or whatever your equivalent is. I've seen situations like that result in pests and rodents that, well, don't respect property boundaries. Don't let this happen to you.
  14. CoolWife

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    Ok I'm going to call. D just doesn't care at all and can't fathom why I do.

    @MagnificentCat they are 0.5 personality disorders below daycare director, I'd say. They are racist and bad neighbors but not, like, really bad people.

    I have no clue about city code enforcement having no experience. Good neighbors say they are picky. We did not permit any of the work we had done recently, which is a small part of my hesitation. Glass houses and all. Our work arguably didn't need to be permitted though, while it's unquestionable for a fence and permanent structure.
  15. Meatz

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    I did some reading up on Michigan code. Basically you need a permit for and electrical, plumbing, HVAC, gas or carpentry work. Most states also have something like "if it is over 15k you have to get a permit no matter what."
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  16. user3728

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    Technically in my city you have to get a permit to replace your shower head (i.e. when they say plumbing they mean ANYTHING related to plumbing). Which is silly.
  17. Meatz

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    I have that argument with people all the time. It is the same here. I know it is stupid.
  18. user3728

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    I'm friends with the head of Inspectional Services in our city (actually, he performed our wedding!) and I give him grief about it on the regular. (He agrees that it is ridiculous but it is the law and he has to enforce it, not that he has the staff to track down alleged showerhead replacements.)
  19. Rico Suave

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    Wow. That's a lot of unnecessary permits.
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  20. Meatz

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    But it keeps me flush with Ramen money.
  21. user3728

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    My guess is the theory of what constitutes a "real" plumbing job that needs to be permitted would be interpreted differently by everyone (and no one would think THEIR project needed a permit) so they take the position that everything does. Now that I think about it, we should have gotten a permit when we had our toilet replaced. We had a licensed plumber do it, so maybe he did... I will choose to believe that.
  22. NerdLady

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    I'm imagining under covers hanging out at Home Depot and Lowes waiting for someone to buy a shower head.

    "Excuse me, what were you doing with that shower head? You weren't going to replace it on your own now were you?"

    I'd say call.
  23. MagnificentCat

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    I might see if there's a different route from building permits. I don't know which one, but pest and a trash/wood pile seems like a different enforcement officer than building permitting.

    The shower head thing is bullshit @Canaligator.
  24. pinacolada

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    Oh damn. We replaced a toilet last year, and definitely didn't get a permit. We did have a plumber install it, though. Whoops.
  25. CoolWife

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    Yeah in the past few years we took down a couple half walls, did the flooring which required moving a vent and couple outlets inside. Then outside we did trim and a door on the garage, took down the pool, and cut back and redid the decking on a small part of the deck plus added a railing. And when he moved in we put in a storage shed. Plus the windows which we did have a permit for.

    I was going to do it this afternoon but I have a training/meeting until after I'm supposed to leave.