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Discussion in 'Free Range' started by Slothly, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Slothly

    Slothly Chicken

    For all your blogs, gofundmes, charities, etc. that you want people to take notice of and/or donate to!

    My friends' corgi tore her ACL, and they are now looking to do an TPLO surgery on her. She's only four years old, and is in significant pain right now. It's a significant cost for them, so I'm asking anyone who wants to, to donate, or just share Nellie's plight...

    And here is Nellie signing "Thank you" cards, like the good pooch she is.

  2. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    Aww, that's so sweet. I love her thank-you cards.
  3. redredrose

    redredrose Chicken

    Hey guys. Just gonna bump this thread to plug AmazonSmile. It functions like normal Amazon (including Prime), but when you start from Smile .5% of your purchases is donated to the charity of your choice at no cost to you. It may not be a lot individually, but each little bit counts.

    I encourage everyone to incorporate this into their holiday shopping, and if you don't already have a preferred charity, please consider Gideon's Feet, an amazing charity started by my friend after she suffered the loss of a child.

    Happy (early) Holidays, all. It is the season of giving.
  4. CoolWife

    CoolWife Chicken

    I <3 AmazonSmile! We support the service dog organization we volunteer for, but I encourage everyone to pick their favorite charity.
  5. I love it too! I support a cat rescue out of hometown. They not only rehome cats but they also run a trap, neuter, release program for feral cats.
  6. user3695

    user3695 Chicken

    I didn't know about that red. Thanks for sharing!
  7. pinacolada

    pinacolada Chicken

    I support an elephant rescue organization with Amazon Smile. I think it's awesome that I can contribute in this way.
  8. redredrose

    redredrose Chicken

    Of course! I totally didn't even know about it until this week.
  9. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    I'm surprised! I thought we had talked about it here before. I use it to support the Los Angeles branch of Reading Is Fundamental. That said, I do have an Amazon Associates account and should be begging you guys to shop through that so that we can raise some Chicken money for a web developer.
  10. redredrose

    redredrose Chicken

    Please share, Honey.
  11. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    I'll do that after we start sending queries to developers and getting an idea of what the redesign will cost us. I'd rather have a number in my mind before I start hitting up members for money.
  12. nym711

    nym711 THIS IS MY LIFE NOW

    Thanks for sharing, Red. I did not know.

    I have to donate to Nellie too. A corgi name Nellie <3

    Yes, please share, Honey.
  13. Vespidae

    Vespidae Antagonist Staff Member

    Why have you never suggested this before? Send me the link or whatever, I'm all over it. We missed my pre-order season for this year, but come September 2015 the Chicken is going to get rich off me. :chicken:
  14. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    Our Amazon Associate link is here, if anyone wants to click for an improved Chicken. The affiliate links earn our website a few points more than AmazonSmile gives to charity, but I'd understand if people would rather give 0.5% to charity than 4-6% to snark.
  15. Vespidae

    Vespidae Antagonist Staff Member

    Awesome. Hopefully this will still work for me because Canada. I'll try!
  16. StillContrary

    StillContrary Chicken

    I love amazon smile, we support our cat rescue, they do wonderful work and we got our Tae from them. Another one that's handy is - it's a search engine that donates a penny for every search done through them to your charity of choice. It's not a huge amount, but it's free for you, and the money adds up!
  17. Imabug1002

    Imabug1002 Chick pee

    So, all you do is click the link and order normally and it does everything else for you? It just looks normal so I didn't know if I need to see anything special... I also didn't know about Amazon Smile, but I have only ordered off of Amazon about 3 times in my life...
  18. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    It should just look normal. The only thing that's different is that it's my referral link.
  19. Large_Marge

    Large_Marge Chicken

  20. megatron

    megatron Wordsmith Staff Member

    That's awesome, Marge! What was the inspiration behind the design?
  21. Large_Marge

    Large_Marge Chicken

    I work with animals, and I don't know why, but the ostrich chasing the people made me laugh. I took a vote amongst some friends, and they said that was the design they liked the best. The best (and worst) part of that website is that there are literally thousands of possible designs you can put on the shirts, so I was a little overwhelmed with options.
  22. Honey

    Honey Historian Staff Member

    A friend of mine volunteers for an organization that provides free lunches to needy children. They don't qualify for government funding, but they were recently nominated for a $25,000 grant, which is approximately 1/3 of their yearly food costs. It would be a real boon to them to win this. Can you guys vote? All you need is an e-mail address, and you'll keep over 2.300 kids fed and ready to learn. ... ox-society
  23. megatron

    megatron Wordsmith Staff Member

    Marge - I ordered one of your shirts! Good luck with the rest of your fundraising!

    Honey - great cause! I voted again today :)
  24. Large_Marge

    Large_Marge Chicken

    Thanks Mega! I really appreciate the support!

    I thought more people would like to "get" something in exchange for their donation,so I started the T-shirt fundraiser, but I have actually had more people just give me straight donations to my Red Cross crowdrise page. Either way it works for me. Thanks again!

    Honey - 2 votes from me as well
  25. kthom

    kthom Cute Food <3

    I didn't know you could vote more than once, just voted again.